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Examples of plagiarism August 11, 2020

Plagiarism is a replication of some author’s or a friend’s work and pretends before others that it is your own creation. It is a crime and punishment is given by law no matter what you have copied whether it is a single line, a piece of paper, a heading, or complete work. Plagiarism is not only copying other’s thoughts but also if you modify someone else’s ideas that is also called plagiarism.

Students should make their assignments on their own so that it will enhance the knowledge of their field that is also helpful for them in their professional life.

What you think plagiarism is a threat or an art?

It is very important to know the examples of plagiarism in order to have a deep understanding of plagiarism.

Example No 1

The first and the foremost example among the examples of plagiarism is that when the students copy the work of any author they want to paste it directly. Even if it is a single line they should place it in inverted commas. Be careful in copying the stuff as it is because your teacher has more knowledge about the topic than you. He can easily identify which is your work and which one you have copied. To prevent plagiarism you should gather the material and go through it properly. Then according to your understanding, write it in your own words. But make sure your work would entirely be dissimilar from your source.

Example No 2

Among the examples of plagiarism, the second one is if you’re putting footnotes in some other’s work and present it as your own that is also plagiarism. 

Example No 3

The third example from examples of plagiarism is that when a person especially a student commit this mistake that he or she rewrite the phrases from an author’s book by changing the places of words that is also a kind of plagiarism but doing it one time or two is acceptable and bearable but making it your habit that you commit this mistake in every project is highly intolerable.

Example No 4

Examples of plagiarism also include that most of the students copy the same format of introducing a work which they should not do. There are a lot of ways to introduce their work. You can get the idea of how to start your work but avoid copying it. If you’re working with someone on the same project but the reports are separated as asked by your teacher, then even in that case both of you should come up with your own ideas because if you copy your partner’s idea even, it will be identified and you will be given strict punishment. The stuff of both of the reports should be entirely different.


Avoid copying others work because it is not beneficial for you. Think for a while that after a long time spending in plagiarism you do not get the marks that you think you deserve so your whole hard work would be wastage. So always tries to produce your own work. These examples of plagiarism will help in the prevention of plagiarism. 

Do you know? Social media is also a big cause of plagiarism