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Plagiarism- A Threat or an Art January 12, 2019

“Duplicate from one is plagiarism, but duplicate from two is research” this famous saying of Wilson Mizner isn’t enough to defend the duplicity of the writer. Authors work really hard to design an incomparable and unique content; therefore, it is NOT okay to copy their work without accrediting them. This cannot be termed as an Art!
Be it an assignment from the teacher, a blog for a business website, a review for a research or a thesis work, plagiarism has become a part of all 7 students or online writers out of 10, according to the study of 1991 of Rutgers University, the percentage must have been increased now. The intensity of copying or imitating the work doesn’t end here; the 7 out of 10 students have 1 such pupil who cheats all the time. The fact might vibrate us, but it’s a part of our society. Maybe, we too are accounted for being such students once in life.

Often copiers say that

what is the harm in copying someone’s work for a non-profitable purpose? Well, how would it sound if we keep someone’s asset in our custody, claiming not to use it? Yes, this indicates that plagiarizing even for a non-profitable intention harms the credits of the real author because it means to rob the author of his income.

Is the art of creating undetected plagiarism, real originality?

No, it’s like wearing someone else’s cloth with the addition of decorated muffler. It’s called the stealing of ideas, opinions, and other’s creativity, but not the originality! The content might not get caught by our plagiarism detecting websites, but it does violate the rule of originality and is accounted for in plagiarism.

People use the term ‘influence’ in place of plagiarism.

Is it right? Well, it can be right if it has few letters of real author’s name cited after the content, otherwise, the influence is a waste. No one would want his followers to be so inspired by him that they copy his work without citing him even at a single place. In result, such online work doesn’t bring traffic. Traffic can be expected and gained only the creativity and originality of the new idea, thoughts, and opinions.

The online plagiarizers must be confronted right at the moment to make them realize that duplicating one’s thoughts is really not a good idea. This can help creative writers to get rid of plagiarism threats. And numerous plagiarism software is doing this job for us. Greater thanks will be to them if they succeed in detecting the imitated and spun works to preserve the innovation of the real authors.