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Plagiarism is Getting Worse January 12, 2019

Although we don’t find any particular research conducted on the topic of increasing plagiarism, we see that due to the technology becoming very accessible to everyone nowadays, it has become very convenient to plagiarize.

There are more chances and options to use others’ work. As expectations of most of the instructors increase for research, so do the chances of plagiarism. When every teacher demands research for each subject and when assignments and projects become difficult to handle, students seek easier ways out.

On the other hand,

sharing information is encouraged at every point in educational, personal and official life. Plagiarism is getting worse because the importance of citing sources is not encouraged when the importance of sharing information is highlighted. It is important to make sure that information is not only shared but proper references are mentioned. Mentioning sources when sharing any kind of information can develop this habit – be it by parents, teachers, friends or any other source then.

We cannot help to

diminish this curse unless we make it a part of life to mention sources of the information that we are sharing. We share information in many ways. We do it verbally and in writing.

You would hardly ever see any instructors mentioning sources of the information they are quoting in a classroom. How come they expect their students to be nice enough to do any different? Although it’s not very easy to remember all the resources and to mention all of them when sharing information, at least some of them can be mentioned in order to highlight the importance of quoting the author’s efforts.

Making it a part of life

is the only way to reduce plagiarism at work, in schools, and at an official level. You would see good authors mentioning the names of their books when talking about any concepts or their research results. Basically, they do not want to commit self-plagiarism. Plagiarism is something that can only be stopped by making the potential plagiarists realize how big n issue it is and to what extent it is illegal.