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What is Plagiarism February 10, 2019

There are various forms of corruption, and one of them is plagiarism, which is becoming very common with the passage of time. There was a time when a man was in search of discovering something. It was just because of the hard work, and efforts of man he put that he enabled himself to discover the world. However, do you think that it is happening nowadays? No, not at all. Instead of going forward, man is going back towards the dark ages. Instead of coming up with new innovative ideas, he is learning to get the shortest routes. There are various reasons for this fact, which will be explained later. Nevertheless, the main cause of all of the embedded problems is plagiarism, which will never allow us to grow and prosper.

Forms Of Plagiarism

Plagiarism is the way of expressing someone else’s work as your own. It is very common that a student wants to do his assignment and because of the shortage of time or lack of interest, he copies it from his friend.

The curse of good grades and the lack of interest in the studies can lead a student to suffer from this criminal act. However, on the higher level, where the professionals come together and try to develop their business new and innovative strategies, before the implication of the strategy, they come to know that the competitor has already done that. This is also a form of plagiarism, and if the companies do not have the copyrights signed, then there are no solutions for it. Most of the critics have associated the reasons for plagiarism with carelessness, laziness, lack of interest, and arrogance. There are various forms like you can copy the whole text or idea, you can change the expression only, or even you can substitute the synonyms. Therefore, it is not less than a crime; if you start doing copyright at an early age, then you will get into the habit of following the shortest route without any creative thinking, which will lead you directly to the loss.

Controlling Plagiarism

Sometimes plagiarism is caused by the teachers because when they scold the students to come up with innovative ideas, the students at that certain stage may not be able to do so, and they do the plagiarism. What is plagiarism? It is known to all of the people who are qualified and dealing with different fields and professions. Even if you want to talk about the media, there are cases when a movie is going to be launched in the near future and before that, another movie is launched having the same theme and concept.

Even the name of the movie

Associated with copyrights. The fact we want to highlight is that there are different forms of it and you cannot claim that there is not anything like plagiarism in your field. Even in the case of the innovation after a specific period of time, the imitation is available in the market. The prior company has the first mover advantage, but the latter one gets the advantage of no research and development cost. Because of the expansion of the Internet and because of the availability of free web content, plagiarism is increasing and the need of the hour is to check it as soon as possible.