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Avoiding Plagiarism February 18, 2019

Brilliant minds and intelligent personalities are praised by most of the people all around the world.

Fortunately, our Lord has bestowed all of us the talented mind to think and discover. However, there are many people who do not believe in this fact and they always try to get the support of others to move in society and fulfilling their responsibilities.

Such people show carelessness and never work hard and find other easy ways around. One of the short and most common forms of the corrupted way is plagiarism. Some people in different fields are habitual of plagiarism and they are ignorant of the laws and regulations against plagiarism.

Starting of plagiarism takes place at the lower level and with the passage of time increases each level; the rules and the regulations also get strict.

Reasons for Plagiarism

Before covering the part of avoiding plagiarism,

it is very necessary to know the reasons to avoid it. As most of you are aware of the copyrights.

Those who do not know can understand this term as the security against the illegal use of the text or any of your possessions. It is not necessary that it is applicable only on the written materials but also on the ideas, innovations, and many other things, even on the movie names and songs.

The expanding Internet age is raising the issue of plagiarism not only in adults but also among the children and the young ones at the educational level. No doubt, it is somehow difficult to check plagiarism but there are many ways through which it can be avoided. The awareness can be cashed by telling the people about the punishments in the case of the disobedience of copyrights.

Avoiding Plagiarism

There are various ways through which plagiarism can be avoided; the first thing is as mentioned above about the awareness of the disobedience. Secondly, sometimes people have excuses about the misconceptions of plagiarism; therefore such people must be made aware of the different forms of plagiarism.

Creating social awareness among the people about the plagiarism as a crime can also de-motivate them from using it. In the work task of the students, the time span can be increased so that the students can get sufficient time to make their assignments because self-generated work is more valuable than the occupied work.

In the research work,

proper references are required to avoid any form of plagiarism because in the end complete research paper can be rejected. Proper guidelines should be given to the subordinates in the offices so that the issue of plagiarism can be avoided.

Everyone is creative but even a small admiration can inspire the people to come up with more creative tasks. Therefore, always try to appreciate the efforts of the person.

The availability of the data on the Internet can be controlled through copyrights, and small charges can also be offered. The websites offering free website contents can offer the quick registration process for providing the information. The free software to check the duplication of contents should be promoted like www.duplichecker.com

In fact, avoiding plagiarism

is the need of the hour because such practices will always inhibit us from coming up with new discoveries and innovative ideas. The only thing for avoiding plagiarism is the creation of awareness among the people about the results of the plagiarism. If such practices will not be continued then soon the drastic effects of the Internet will come in front of us.