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August 18th, 2012

Preventing Plagiarism

Need Of Preventing Plagiarism

Plagiarism is the copying and cheating of the thoughts, ideas, writings and the innovations of the others. The increasing rate of plagiarism is directly contributed because of the increasing access to knowledge and competition in the society in all of the major and the small fields. But the issue is that if this practice continues then it is great threat towards the insecurity of the innovations. The only thing that most of the companies in their businesses can do is to get the first mover advantage but plagiarism is a great threat for them because the imitations can cause them high loses of spending on research and development. Therefore, preventing plagiarism is the need of the hour and it is possible through the implementation of the policies at all levels and in all of the fields.

Preventing Plagiarism At Educational Level

Especially, in the educational sector the plagiarism management is very important because students are the most common enhancers of plagiarism. Instead of doing their assignments by themselves like research papers, case studies and the other casual work, the students prefer to save their time and go for the copied work on the Internet. Therefore, plagiarism is becoming the issue in all fields because of the low time consumption, little hard work and more appreciation.

The first thing to avoid the plagiarism is the unawareness of the main causes and the consequences of plagiarism. Many people even do not know the scope of plagiarism like they do not consider the synonyms substitution, copy without reference and the material from different sources as plagiarism. Therefore, for preventing plagiarism the first thing is to make the people aware of its reasons and the types. In the educational institutes the prevention of plagiarism can be done by the teachers because they can motivate the students to come up with their innovative ideas and they can also keep an eye on the students while doing their research papers, projects and other assignments. The use of the software like Duplichecker should be enhanced to ensure the non duplication of the material. In fact such software can check the cases of the copied text but they are limited in their scope because the different types of plagiarism can not be handled as easily as the work is copied. The teachers can also provide the reference material to the students to limit their resources and for added information the proper references should be required because the references follow a particular format. The oral presentations and the regular meetings can also help to create check over the plagiarism. The fear of the low grades, poor time management and the bad perceptions can result the plagiarism among the students therefore, policies should be there regarding the fair grade system along with the average allocation of time for the assignments.

Other Strategies For Preventing Plagiarism

For checking of plagiarism at professional and the higher level the laws of copyrights have to be clearly issued and the awareness is the first requirement. The top brands in the business sector get the copyright before making the publicity of their brands. In this way the imitation is trying to be minimized. One of the major facts about plagiarism is that it is spreading because of the easy access to knowledge like the Internet, therefore, the knowledge available on the Internet should be accessed through the proper registration and sometimes a small subscription charges should be taken. There are many other options to avoid plagiarism but the best way is to increase the awareness about the reasons, consequences and the preventions.