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Plagiarism and Prevention of It August 17, 2020

Meaning Of Plagiarism

Plagiarism is the term which is very important for people to know to avoid the bad consequences of it. The term plagiarism means that when the researcher uses to document the words, different ideas, language, and presentation of the paper while writing without mentioning the name of the source. The good writers always avoid doing plagiarism because the creativity in the text is more important than anything else.

Types Of Plagiarism

There are many types of plagiarism that the writer needs to avoid.

Copy plagiarism:

The copy plagiarism means that when the writers cut the sentence from the source and then paste it on the paper. 

Switch plagiarism:

The word switch plagiarism is a very common type of plagiarism because the writer used to change the place of the words in the sentence. 

Idea and metaphor:

The writer must read the books and the articles just to have an idea about the topic but should not take that opinion as the top and try to write and make his/her own opinion. Inappropriate paraphrase is another type. The good writers always do working on the topic.

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Students must Create New Ideas

The students should articulate the topic which has already been published but with the original and new words. It is always better for the students to have an authenticated opinion about the author’s view but they also can disagree with the words to improve the facts. After avoiding plagiarism the students can easily make their position among the good intellectuals. One can improve English by writing the articles and papers in the original words.

Plagiarism can block the mind of the writer because the writer is not in the position to write with an open mind by having the same words of the books etc.

Responsibility of Academic institutes

It is the responsibility of the academic institutes to encourage the students from the very start to write everything in their own words and expressions. The priorities of the cultures differ from one another, in the American culture the people are in the habit of writing the names of the sources of information. Firing from the job, expelled from the schools, etc could be the consequences of plagiarism.

Practices To Prevent Plagiarism

There are many good ways to prevent plagiarism following are the points which the writer needs to consider while writing original:

  1. The writer should symbolize the sentence or information gathered from the source with the alphabet so that the audience can easily identify the source of information.
  2. While getting the information through reading, write the points which come in your minds.
  3. The researcher should acknowledge the source of information with the help of “according to”.
  4. For the quotations in the paper, one must write it within the colons, semicolons etc.

Why don’t teachers like students that plagiarize?

Teachers don’t like those students who used to perform the exercise of plagiarism because the teachers want their students to be unique in everything, they like to read those papers which are creative in words etc. The management of colleges and schools should encourage students to avoid plagiarism by adding a special course based on plagiarism. The information material present on the internet especially is full of plagiarism and the people can find the same information in two or three sites. The internet authorities and the site owner should be responsible for adding the authenticated and new material to their sites because in this way the traffic on the computer should be increased.