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How to Reduce PDF File Size Below 500 KB Online? July 18, 2022

PDF files , without a doubt, the most widely used document format for storing and sharing large-sized documents. The Portable Document Format (PDF), commonly known as PDF, is preferred by people from almost every domain and sector for secure and fast sharing of information.

 The compact size, professional layout, and password protection feature make this document format the first choice of millions of people. Furthermore, multisystem support is another remarkable feature that leads people to choose PDF over other document formats. 

A PDF file often contains a massive amount of textual information, high-quality images, and non-standard fonts that increase the size of the file. However, sharing these large-sized PDFs is difficult, especially through online platforms. Most websites have set a size limit for uploading PDFs. Your PDF must not exceed the set limit; else, it may not upload to the website. This restriction leads an individual to reduce the size of PDF for flawless and smooth transferring of PDFs. 

In this blog post, we are going to unveil the easiest way to reduce PDF file size below 500 KB without paying a single penny. Therefore, we recommend you to read this post completely for a better and more comprehensive understanding of the PDF compression method. 

Simplest Way to Reduce PDF below 500 KB

 There are different ways to compress PDFs, but most of them usually include intricacies. For instance, you may need to install a specific application or go through the signup procedure on an online platform to reduce PDF size.

 Instead, you can get the assistance of an advanced utility available on to compress PDFs without any such convolutions. The following steps will enable you to shrink PDF without any hassle. 

  1. Upload the PDF file by tapping the Upload button. 
  2. Press the Compress PDF button to start the compression. 
  3. The advanced online facility will compress your PDF file and provide you with a downloadable link in a matter of seconds.

Why Do We Compress PDF? 

There are plenty of reasons that make it inevitable for you to compress PDFs. The most prominent causes of reducing the size of PDFs are shared below. 

Makes Sharing Faster 

 Sharing large-size PDFs through online platforms is quite challenging. Uploading large-size PDFs on online platforms requires ample time. Therefore, compressing the size of PDFs is a practical approach that improves PDF sharing speed through online and offline data transmission channels. 

Helps in Saving Device Storage 

 Reducing the size of PDFs would also help you manage the storage of your device effectively. Now, you don’t need to burden your device storage with bulky PDF files. Simply compress the PDFs using our pdf compressor without affecting their quality. Shrinking PDFs will make more space that allows you to store more data easily. 

 How Online PDF Compressor is Helpful ?

 The conventional method of compressing PDFs includes downloading large-sized applications on devices, but special training is required to operate traditional, outdated software to shrink the size of PDFs. 

However, the invention of the modern online PDF compressor makes it a no uphill task to change the size of PDF. Anyone can get the assistance of an advanced PDF compressor to reduce the size of document files as per their requirement. The super-friendly interface allows beginners to use a web-based PDF compressor without facing any hurdles. Moreover, you can compress countless PDFs using this advanced web-based facility. 

Bottom Line 

In the last analysis, shrinking the size of PDF files makes them easy to share and manage. The information jotted above would be helpful in understanding the importance of reducing the size of PDFs. The use of an online PDF compressor will help you compress PDFs below 500 KB, which enables you to share them effortlessly.