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How Do I Reverse Google Image Search? November 21, 2022

Finding a specific image on the web is just like searching for a needle in the sand. There are billions of images uploaded on the web, and the numbers are increasing on a daily basis. This massive number of pictures makes it almost impossible for an individual to reach the desired image in a short time. Fortunately, the table has turned now, and we have some advanced methods that allow us to find a picture swiftly. 

Image search technology has entirely transformed search techniques. There has been a massive change in search patterns in the past few years as people have started preferring picture searches instead of typing complex queries. It has been studied that 30% of search queries are made using visual content. 

Have you ever heard of reverse image search? If not, then this post is mainly for you. In today’s blog, we are going to uncover the easiest way to make a successful image search in detail. But, before that, let’s have a quick introduction to image search technology. 

Reverse Image Search

In reverse image search, you enter a picture. There are many reverse image search utilities available online that can help you in making an image search. However, the image search utility offered on Google is considered one of the most used facilities to locate photos online. 

How to Make Image Search on Google? 

Searching for an image on Google isn’t a laborious task. You can make a reverse image search on Google from your cell phone or computer without facing any hurdles. We are going to elaborate on the methods of searching images on Google from the computer and smartphones separately to help users understand them adequately. 

From Computers: 

  1. Open your web browser and enter “” You can enter the URL from any web browser. 
  2. Press the camera icon appearing on the screen to initiate an image search. 
  3. Now, choose the “Upload an Image” tab, and then press “Choose File” to pick an image from your local storage. You can also drag and drop a picture on the tool straight away. 
  4. Once you find the desired picture you want to upload, press it and then choose “Open.” 
  5. That’s all. You will get all the similar images on your screen within a few instances. 

From Android/iPhone 

  1. Land on the Google Images page. 
  2. Hit the Camera icon displayed on the screen. 
  3. Choose from “Paste Image URL” or Upload an Image” to enter the picture on the tool. Choose the first option if you want to paste the URL of an image you found on the web. Else, select the second option if you want to upload the image from your device’s storage. 
  4. Press the “Search” button to start the process. You will get all the similar images on your screen immediately. 

Best Alternative of Google Image Search  

There are many situations when Google can’t provide you with your desired results, and you want to search for a picture on other search engines. But what if we tell you about a tool that provides you with image search results from all major search engines, including Google, Bing, Baidu, Sogou, Tineye, Yandex, etc.? 

Yes, it’s true. The image search tool available on is an advanced online facility that enables you to search for your desired picture on all search engines at the same time.

This platform is a single platform that can serve you in finding similar images or their sources from all search engines. Now, you don’t need to make image search queries on all search engines separately.

 Simply reach this facility, enter the picture on it, choose the search engine on which you want to find similar images, and that’s all. The advanced reverse image search will process your query and provide you with your required results in a few seconds. 

The online reverse image search utility we offer doesn’t need any membership or installation. You can use this free online facility from any corner of the planet by connecting your device to the internet. The stylish and simple-to-understand layout of this reverse image search utility allows novices to search for any picture without facing any complexities. 

Final Words

Searching for an image isn’t a simple task. You might have to spend hours exploring various online platforms to reach your desired picture. However, the chances of getting the desired results using this approach are quite low. 

Instead, you can take assistance from Google’s reverse image search method to reduce your efforts. Image search technology enables you to find any image or its source within a few seconds without going through any hardships. You can also use the advanced picture search utility available on if you want to search for pictures on other search engines like Baidu, Yandex, Bing, etc.