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Image finder tool- Reverse Image Search June 4, 2020

If you want to be a crackerjack detective you must have the ability to decode the pictures. If you are not proficient in reading the pictures modern technology has got your back. In the present day, almost anything can be done by using online services, and for this pivotal detective skill; you don’t have to get into some kind of rigorous training.

The pinnacle of most developed technology which has made picture discovery and reading five-finger exercises is available now on your desktop. You can search by image to find any aspect of the respective picture. Another plus point of online reverse image search technology is that you can access its services from any web browser and the list includes Chrome, Firefox, and safari.

This picture search expertise is completely online and there is no need to install any software for its users to search by image. One thing which is mandatory while using the image search services is a fast internet connection, You can use the luxuriously tailored search software in any corner of the world as long as you have an unlimited and lightning fast internet connection.

Different top-echelon image finding software:

Reverse image search:

It is intuitively designed software available for people belonging to any walk of life. There are no requirements for creating an account or registering yourself and paying any penny for performing any search by image. By using the CBIR method reverse search lists down all the metadata of the picture present in your device after uploading it here.

You have the advantage of using either the picture or the URL of the picture and after that, the results will be available for you in the form of identical pictures, the detail of locations shown in the picture, and the true identity of people posing in the picture. You can find out the real source of the picture from it was captured.


Duplichecker is also online software that makes you tech-savvy because of its easy-to-use interface and conveniently available services. You can search by image any information which is missing in the chain of custody if you are working in a forensic department or serving as a private detective.

Duplichecker does not interrupt your search by an image with unnecessary and annoying advertisements. You can have your share of knowledge about different exotic pictures or if you are a historian and want to know about the historical facts and related pictures of an image you have you can simply put it in the search bar and one search by image will take you to the most confidential data of different databases.

How to use reverse image search for performing a search by image:

Initially, you have to get your hands on the internet-connected device with any web browser.

  • After that, you can enter this address in the search bar for visiting the official site of reverse image search.

{Pro tip: Here it is}

  • Once you have landed on the official site of image search you can search by image by following two methods. The first one is by using the image itself. 
  • You can upload the image by clicking on the option of uploading the file here or you can use the URL of the image. 
  • After entering the URL you have to click on the ‘search similar images’ option. Reverse search will dig up the data from the database of Google, Bing, and Yandex.
  • Within a few moments you will see many files and to open the different files you have to click on the ‘check image’ option which will guide you to your intended information.

Why reverse image search is important:

Many content creators suffer from the plague of plagiarism and most of the time people steal their work without ever mentioning them or giving any credit so for such people reverse image search is like a breeze. They can keep an eye on their content by conducting the search by image and all the related stuff on the internet will be available for them at one spot.

For graphic designers, these services are necessary because they upload their work after working on them with so much dedication but someone else takes the credit because cyber-crimes are not a new thing. This image search technology provides them with the luxury of keeping their work under check.

It’s not just for professionals, if you are a normal person and are looking for a better quality image or image size well suited as your display picture you can simply put it there and get your hands on the image of your dreams.

Another benefit you can get is to increase the traffic to your site by asking the people using your picture to mention you or give credit to you. In this way, a backlink will be created to your site and your viewership will grow without any hurdle.

On social media platforms, people can create fake accounts by using your pictures so you have to be on your guards if you have uploaded your picture. Reverse image search allows you to search by image and find out the different accounts using your cover photo without any permission.


To wrap up the whole discussion about the reverse image search it can be stated that search by image is a convenient way of grabbing the facts and figures from various databases without typing any keyword in the search bar. 

It safeguards your privacy by not saving your provided image on any server and you can search by an image without the hassle of spending money. So now it is much easier to enhance your understanding of anything if you have a picture on your mobile phone and nothing else.