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10 Key Elements of A Comprehensive Plagiarism Report July 3, 2021

Plagiarism is an unethical act in any field of study but few times it’s unintended. That’s why we always need a tool that analyzes the content and tells us about any tiny duplication. These online tools have an amazing feature of generating a similarity check report that includes various sections that will help you to analyze the overall performance of your uploaded text.

Key Elements of Plagiarism Report

In this article, we are going to discuss different aspects of the plagiarism report that will be displayed on your screen once you insert content. The primary features available in this report are as follows. So, let’s begin with the first section. 

1. Graphical Representation

The first section of the plagiarism scan report consists of graphical information. You must agree that understanding visual information is much easier and faster than the written data. It must present data with a pie chart that includes two portions. The red portion will denote the plagiarized data, and the green will represent unique text. This chart provides you with great assistance in estimating the overall situation of your writing.

2. Percentage of Uniqueness

If you want to know the percentage of plagiarized proportion in your content, then you don’t need to make any effort from your side. You just need to find a perfect utility that will get you the percentage-wise results in the report to analyze the ratio of the uniqueness of the entire content. 

3. Textual Information

This portion of the similarity check report enables you to get a thorough understanding of your content. This section, user-provided with textual information about the duplication. 

4. Highlighted Content

The duplicated content will be highlighted with a red color that will allow you to find it within a blink of an eye. The advanced algorithms are capable of finding any type of content duplication and provide a partially plagiarized sentence on time.

5. Links of Original Sources

This AI plagiarism detector is smart enough to find the original source of the plagiarized content within a flash of an eye. If the content is plagiarized from different sources, then each duplicated phrase or sentence will be displayed with its original source. Isn’t it amazing?

6. Word Count

These super-fast online duplication finders also give you the total number of words in your uploaded text file. However, if you want to determine the total number of words and sentences in your text, you can use a sentence counter tool.

7. Save Report on Your Device

If you are having a slow internet connectivity issue, then this feature is mainly for you. You can download the plagiarism report on your device by hitting the given download buttons. This facility allows you to save the report on your device in PDF or Doc format. 

8. Paraphrasing 

If the content you upload and it has plagiarized content, but you don’t have time to write it again, then this option can save your life. Click on the “Make it Unique” “Rewrite” or “Rephrase” button, and paraphrase the content by just uploading it.

10. Start a new search

After completing a plagiarism check, if you want to examine other files, then you don’t have to follow any intricate processes. Click on a button like “start a new search” “Start Again” to initiate the next plagiarism test without any hesitation. 

Final Words

The information discussed above will help you to know the essential elements of a complete plagiarism report. When finding an online tool for scanning content duplication reminds these factors. Because it saves a lot of time and detects even minor plagiarism in content just in a few seconds.