Selecting a Plagiarism Checker

If you are a student, a web content writer, author or publisher, what you want is an accurate and reliable plagiarism checker. Nowadays there are literally thousands of plagiarism checker websites which make it quite difficult to decide which one to use. There can be nothing more embarrassing then to discover that even though you checked your document for plagiarism before submitting it; your teacher or publisher points out that it contains plagiarism. Continue reading

Preventing Plagiarism

Plagiarism is the act of using or closely imitating the writing of another author without his/her permission. In other means, it is an infringement, piracy, counterfeiting, and theft. Plagiarism became so rampant especially after people started relying on the internet for conducting research that several lawsuits were filed against those committing plagiarism. Educational institutions revised their laws and any student caught plagiarizing was expelled. Continue reading

Dangers of Getting Help on Writing Papers

The internet has spawned many new businesses and academic writing is one of them. Anyone who needs to get a paper written just has to surf the internet to find academic writing help website. Most of the people running and managing these websites are based all over the world in places like India, Philippines, etc. their rates are quite nominal and that’s what lures students in seeking help from them.

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Tips on Avoiding Plagiarism

There is only one absolutely guaranteed way of avoiding plagiarism and that’s by doing all the research and writing work yourself. Don’t trust a peer or any other form of help to do the paper for you. Conduct your own research and make notes. Taking proper notes is extremely important. You cannot quote an authority or from a previous paper without mentioning who it is that you are quoting, and from which paper, journal or book have you picked up the quote.

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Most Common Types of Plagiarism

Plagiarism does not necessarily apply only to copy/paste as there are other types of plagiarism as well. People who indulge in getting by with plagiarism have realized that copy/pasting is easy to trap. Therefore they have experimented with other types of plagiarism. They put in this effort just to try and fool the teacher or their audience and of course the popular plagiarism websites. Continue reading