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Writing Style November 2, 2018

Guidelines For Writing Style

One of the most important aspects of the effective writing is the writing style; in fact, most of the writers believe that it is the way, which can make your writing superior to the other. The writing styles also vary on the basis of the area and the subject like you can find the variant in the writings of the journalist from the writings of the scientists. In fact, there are not the standardized writing styles, but in fact it depends on the choice of the writer as well. Therefore, the flexibility that the writing styles provide us is making the diversity in the writings of different people.

Limitations Of The Writing Styles

There are some of the limitations and the constraints applied on the writing styles as well like the rules of the language, the area of the writing, and also the purpose of the writing. ; Like if you are writing a research paper, then you have to be stuck with the format of the research papers. But all of these limitations are not as huge and they cannot impact your writing.

  • Syntax

The most important thing in the writing style is the syntax and it is the way the writers arranges the sentences and gives the structure of the sentences. The syntax of the sentence basically follows the rules of the language and then after that the creativity of the writer as well. You can select any of the following syntax for your write up like:

1. You can write a very simple sentence with only one clause.

2. You can also choose the compound syntax in which you use two clauses, one in the mid and if you want then you can also separate the two sentences.

3. In this syntax you can include more than one, two clauses and one of them will be the major sentence while the other will be the subordinate clause.

  • Form Of The Sentence

After the selection of the syntax you can go to the forms of the sentence, in which the writer has to decide about the density of the sentence. The starting of the sentences can be the choice of the writer like the writer can select it from the phrases like, for instance, moreover, furthermore and many other. Another important thing is that the link between the two sentences should be also maintained so that the reader gets no confusion during reading.

  • Diction

After deciding the structure and the other related norms of writing the sentence, the next step should be the diction. Diction is in fact the writing style of the writer, which sometimes also depicts the mood of the writer. The writer can use the narrative tone, the descriptive tone, and any other style. But some of the major things that should be considered in writing the effective writing include clear thoughts and concrete abstract concepts. Mixing and intermingling, the text can make the reader confused and overall the image of the writing is conveyed as ineffective.

  • Punctuation

Punctuations clarify the voice of the writer and even a small variation and mistake in the punctuation can give the false view of the whole write up. The selection of the punctuation marks can be standardized or non-standardized and it depends on the writer to select the one. The whole thing is that the reader should clearly get the message.