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Prewriting November 2, 2018

Meaning Of Prewriting

This is the stage of writing in which the author used to generate and write the ideas and information regarding the topic. At this step, the writers like to talk with the researchers and instructors about the topic and also read different books to develop authentic arguments. The prewriting is called the stage of creativity because the writer generates unique ideas, collect information and then organize the information.

Guidelines Of Prewriting

Following are guidelines which are necessary for the prewriting:

Purpose of Writing, the writer must know about what is the purpose of the topic and writing whether the document is for expressing or wanting to change the point of views of the readers.

The flow of Ideas, the writer must generate different ideas with the help of the brainstorming. The uniqueness among the information comes from brainstorming and free writing. Jot down all the main ideas and make a list of those ideas.

Analysis of Audience, the author should focus on the audience and take care of the audience’s interest. The writer should know that in future what could be the different questions of the audience on the article.

Summary, after generating the information and ideas the writer should make a systematic outline and then develop the first draft.

After developing the first draft, the writer should read the document very loud because it is a fact that one can find the mistakes very clearly by reading the document loud.

Prewriting Strategies

There are different types of prewriting strategies like brainstorming, free writing, clustering, particle etc. The unique ideas come with the help of the prewriting strategies, but the ideas are not in the organized form. It is necessary for the writers to write with an open mind without any barrier like the noise, language etc. The language should be easy to understand for the writers.

General Overview

Prewriting is the key to creative articles and essential for productive writers. The starting of the writing process should always be with the help of the prewriting step. The prewriting helps the writers to open the mind in relation to the topic and decreases the anxiety of the writer of organizing the data in the first place. The process of prewriting defines three aspects like the topic, audience, and purpose; the writer either used to write on the assigned topic or either on the chosen topic. It is very important for the writer to write about the topic which is in the interest of the writer and he/she must be informative in regards to the specified topic. The experience and information of the audience should be important to the writer because the writer should not write that information which can take the interest of the audience away.

The academic institutions should be responsible to improve the skills of the writers in prewriting to produce a worthwhile document. Good writers used to re-write before organizing the text in an organized form. It is not difficult to write but it is complex to write a good one, so the beginners should be skilled in applying the writing process while writing. There are many guides available in the libraries providing the writing process strategies; even one can also download these guides from the internet.
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