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Paramedic Method November 2, 2018

The value of the sentence depends upon the words, the long sentence doesn’t mean a good sentence, and the writer should be focused

Meaning Of Conciseness

The definitions of the concept, not the meaning of the concept while writing. Mostly the writers used to write without thinking that the same sentence could be written with the help of fewer words and it could be more meaningful, and that is the reason that a large number of audience don’t like to read the document.

Paramedic Method

This method is very helpful for the writers because it facilitates them to write professionally, this method facilitates the users/students/writers to make the document/sentences very concise.

The concise sentences are easy for the readers to understand, the easy sentences are easy to learn and read and such kind of sentences encompassed with the following characteristics:


In Paramedic method, the writers used to decrease the number of words by practicing the exercise of reducing irrelevant and unnecessary words in the sentences. It is better for the writers to follow paramedic method to have an active voice in the sentences and one can also remove data redundancies, and this all leads to the readability of the sentences very clearly. Following are the steps of paramedic method:

  • The writer should mark the prepositions with the circle.
  • After circling the prepositions, the author should mark the verb forms like is with the box.
  • The writer should identify the action of the sentence.
  • Then the writer should convert the action in the verb.
  • Include the doer in a particular subject.
  • It should be important for the writer to delete the irrelevant slow winds up.
  • After applying all the above steps it is also necessary to delete the redundancies.

This method is very efficient

in deriving very quick results in regards to conciseness. It is very clear that the readers want to read those articles which are instructive, pleasing and as well as persuasive.

The writers want that the reader should understand what is being written, for this to achieve the writers need to have an effective style of revising which is known as the paramedic method.

If the writer wants to write a very constructive and innovative essay encompassed with writing then the writer should be very well prepared about the consumption of time because good writing takes a lot of time, The experienced writers are very competent in their fields and they make the three parts a habit of their nature while writing like brainstorming, revising and proofreading.

The vocabulary of the paragraph/sentence

should be very strong, the lack of grip on the vocabulary also leads to vague and slang words in the documents.

There are many ways through which the writer can get the vocabulary to improve and one of the best ways is consulting a thesaurus.

The symbol of a badly developed document is the wordiness. Readers need time to read the detailed document which they usually don’t have so it is necessary for the writers to write a very brief document having full facts and figures.

It is the responsibility of the academic institutions to encourage the students to write very concise form their very start of writing, because there are many examples of institutions which are focusing on the length rather than the quality of the document, teachers used to give more marks to the students who have written more which is wrong on the part of the teacher.