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Writing process February 23, 2019

You can haphazardly write your thoughts down but it will not be proper writing. Writing is a big world in itself. It is a proper process in which you have to give a lot of time, energy and patience.
First of all, you need to finalize the topic of your interest. Understand your target audience and decide your writing style. Understand the meaning of your topic and then dive into the details.

Jot down the points on a piece of paper.

Writing process involves you to go through the books that are available on the matter, find the related information on the internet, discuss with friends and acquaintances those who have an understanding of the subject. Discussion solves a great many challenges that will come to your way.
Note down the most vital points on cards along with their references. Once you have skimmed all the reading material. Think about it and plan your writing.

Sketch the roadmap to your final writing process.

You should analyze other writer’s way of writing style. It is one of the indispensable knowledge for the writing process. Everyone writes differently and every writer has his/her own fan following. The reason for this is that everyone has a personal like or dislike. Some like satire while others might be interested in serious political reading.

You cannot make one read against his/her choice. Whatever style you like, the writing process involved in it would be diverse too. Even expressing the same thought will be distinctive in a thriller from that which is present in fiction.

Whatever way you choose,

there is one thing that is common among all writers. They try to keep their readers in tuned and use words which the audience can visualize. They never once forget what their readers want from them and why they look forward to their publications.

With a little bit playing around words, you can create complex sentences. But make sure you are not confusing the reader. Initially, take a day to day events that you witness to create stories and write them down. Let loose your imagination and do not be scared to create- whether it is characters, a new place where the reader might like to escape, etc. Creativity will only come when you keep practicing.

Be a super reader if you are planning to master the writing process. If you will cultivate your interest in reading chances are that the seed of writing will be nurtured automatically.

Every day fix sometime in

which you should practice writing. Remember most of the biggest literary works are prepared by revising your work, making corrections, bringing in a new perspective and going through your work again and again. Remember that writing is a painstaking process. Do not expect the fruits immediately.

Give time and energy.

In brief, for learning writing process you need a topic, research, discussion, understanding, arguments, facts, plan, arrange everything, analyzing, vocabulary, editing at the end, finalized your creativity. These are the essential ingredients for a successful writing process.