Reverse Outlining: An Exercise For Taking Notes And Revising Your Work

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Reverse Outlining: An Exercise For Taking Notes And Revising Your Work March 2, 2019

Meaning Of The Reverse Outline

After writing the paper/thesis it is good to go for the reverse outlining exercise because to make the text more interrelated with each other it is necessary.

A reverse outline helps the researcher to identify the drawbacks in text and also able to pinpoints the new ideas which could be added into the paper/thesis to make it authenticated. This tool is efficient in helping the researcher to reorder the paragraphs.

Process Of Reverse Outlining

For carrying out this exercise, the researcher needs to have a paper and then write the paragraph number and the main focal points of that paragraph and so on, in this way the researcher can get the whole summary of the paper and then afterward go for revising that whether the paragraphs are interrelated with each other or not. The researcher can find the points which are not related and can delete those points and can make the paragraph more precise and brief. This exercise will help you to hold the focus of the particular argument in a very tight way.

This exercise is extremely effective if the researcher wants to include complex information in a precise form. After the reverse outlining process, the paragraphs could be shifted from the first page to the second page according to the relevance. This outline is different and valuable than the regular one because this outline helps you to add more valuable information that you may miss in the regular outline.

Demonstrations Of The Exercise

It is good on the part of the academic institutes to give demonstrations to the students regarding this exercise because this exercise helps them to be more analytical in the field in which they are working or studying. The best way to make it as a habit is that the students should do this exercise on a frequent basis.

The research departments in the universities should opt this exercise very strictly to get out the more productive and precise work on the part of the students. According to the behavioral sciences that if you let the children learn something from the very early stage then there are more chances that the children can make those things as a habit so it is proved that it is the responsibility of the institutions to make this exercise as a habit for the children.

Importance Of Outline And Reverse Outline

If the academic institutions or the research organizations need to carry out the authentic and well-explained survey then it is necessary for the researcher to give more importance to the outline or the reverse outline. These outlines are the best techniques to make the document more relevant to the theme of the topic etc. Outlines are very important to provide accurate and authentic facts and figures.

Despite the good reverse and regular outlines, the layout of the outline affects a lot because obviously if the layout is very complex then it is difficult for the person to gather the cracks of the data. For the proper understanding, bullets and numberings are good. The data should be in sequence and in order. While doing research notes taking is very essential exercise because in this the researcher can jot down all the main points and delete the UN important one to make the research more relevant to the topic.