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Email Etiquette For Professors March 2, 2019

Importance Of Email Etiquette

Email Etiquette is essential because the audience used to have communication with the words which has different impressions on the readers. One should follow various rules of the etiquette to have the appropriate tone so to avoid the misinterpretation of the article. The more important reason to use the email etiquette is effective and efficient communication.

Guidelines For Electronic Communication Through Emails

Following are the guidelines which the professors need to follow:

It is better for the instructor to be concise and precise while writing the message, and it is good to write the message in the column of the subject and this helps the reader to judge that whether to read the message or not.

The instructor should good and fast as answering the student’s emails so in this way the student thinks that they are worth for the instructor.

It is very important to send the email without spelling and punctuation errors.

The professors should follow the message thread so it makes easy for the students to consult the previous message if required.

Abbreviations and cartoon expressions should be avoided.

It is not ethical to send the emails of one student to another without taking permission from the student.

Attachment should be in proper format and the instructor should be very careful in sending the attachment to the right person. It is necessary on the part of the professors to discuss with their students that which issue they can discuss on emails. The font size should be professional for the text otherwise it gives a childish impression to the students.

The most important points in an email could be symbolized with the bullets and symbols like “I”. The tone of the sentences should very positive and do not criticize the receiver. It is better to send one email to four people at a time. The best way is to create a mailing list to which the instructor wants to send the message.

If the student is complaining

About the issue then firstly thank the student that he/she is telling you then put down the frustration of the student by saying that the issue would be resolved soon.

The subject of the email should align with the text of the email. If the message in the mail is long then the professor should create the table of contents and the teacher should also request regarding the feedback of the email in the introductory paragraph.

For the effective communication it is better for the teachers to send the assignments and projects through email encompassing with the elevator summary and the table of contents, but information about the assignment/project in the classroom and then email the details to the students. For sending bad news to the students then the teachers should write the message on the front top and should not blame anyone via email. The instructor should not adopt long emails on the bad and on the stern topics.

Above are the guidelines

which are no doubt very essential for the instructors to know because now the academic institutions are also performing their work on the internet and the teacher should know the rules to write emails to their students to avoid bad impressions on the students. The objective of this article is to offer guidelines to the teachers to follow for effective communication.