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Peer Review Presentation February 18, 2019

Meaning Of Peer Review

It means to review and analyze the text /document of the other person according the views of yours. Peer review is very important to get the mistakes out from the document.

Because the writer when writing thinks that the every word written is relevant and according to the topic but the fact is that due to this image it is difficult for the writer to get the mistakes from the documents.

The person who is performing peer preview exercise should be honest to the feedback because it helps the writer to eliminate unnecessary information.

The author should questions with the symbol W to get the reason of exercising peer review like who is going to review the document. Following are the people who can review the writing of the writer:

Peers, help in finding

the real mistakes in a very less time because they are in the position to think like the writer.

Instructors can find the errors because they are the one who teaches the students every day and they knew what should be in the document.

Friends, they are very close to the person so they can easily find the error because they know where you can make a mistake while writing.

Trained Writers are the one who basically know about the requirements of the writers.

Methods Of The Peer Review Exercise

Following are the two methods of Peer Review:

  • Response Based
  • Product Based

In response based the reviewer used to review the text and tell the feedback to the writer about the document and here in this method the writer is not allowed to enter in the conversation.

The product based method of review the text is very constructive because the reviewer used to review the text and the give advice to the writers that where to add and amend. The purpose of peer review is to find out the mistakes and make the document more valuable for the audience so for this it is necessary for the reviewers to offer advices to improve the documents in terms of grammatical, sentence structure, paragraphing mistakes.

Environment And Efficiency Of The Peer Reviewing

The question arise in the minds of the writers that where to perform the exercise of peer reviewing so the answer lies in the classrooms, labs, conference rooms and libraries. For reviewing the document it is necessary for reviewer to sit lonely because the noise can distract the reviewer to evaluate the text properly.

The peer review is required by the writer when there is a requirement of getting the feedback of the document and when the author needs the response regarding different parts of the documents like the introduction, body etc.

There are many different reasons for using peer review method because through this the writer can judge what others think of the article, the strengths plus the weaknesses of different writers come out.

As we all know that audience is the most important fact which affects the worth of the article, so it is essential for the writer to analyze the audience and the peer viewing method is again very efficient in this aspect because one can judge the thinking and views of the audience about the topic.