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Sentence Variety February 18, 2019

Overview About The Sentence Structure

The variety among the structure of the sentence means a lot for the audience because variety makes the sentence more creative and unique for the readers, the readers also get bored by reading the same words, etc. The writers are writing for the audience because they want that their audience should read the piece of article in deep detail, so for this, they need to have the variety in the sentence structure. The variation in the sentence style and the sentence structure can eliminate the repetition and the writer can insert emphasis in the document.

Strategies For The Variation In Sentences

Following are the strategies which the writer can use to add variation in the sentences:

The author should write the sentences of different sizes and lengths and this tactic would increase the emphasis.

Sentence opening should be very important because the author should avoid starting the sentences with the same word because this factor can make the writers monotonous towards the document. Mostly the word “the” is very commonly used by the author in the opening of the sentences.

Renaming, amplifying concept can add variety into the sentences. A summative modifier is again a tool for the variation in sentences.

Types Of Sentences

Following are the types of sentences:

  • Simple Sentence
  • Compound Sentence
  • Complex Sentence
  • Complex Compound

The numbers of times the dependent and independent clauses used in the above sentence make them differentiate from each other. In the document, there are sentences which are joined with each other with the help of the conjunctions like nor, for so. The sentences are somehow joined with each other through the subordinate words like after, before, in these sentences, the first sentence used to have the main point but the other is incomplete without the first and the subordinate word.

In the articles,

you can see that there are many sentences which are handling one topic and results in a large number of sentences which are similar to each other so for this there are three ways to solve the problem like the use of pronouns, participles, and prepositions. When the sentences are expressing the similar rhythms to the audience then it is better for the write to encourage the use of dependent markers, transitional word.

The sentence variety

is very essential for the audience because the audience needs some change and uniqueness in the document, and the author can also attract a large number of audience with the help of the sentence variety. There are many factors which can add variety in the sentences like the new vocabulary/words, the use of different ideas from paragraph to paragraph, the layout of the sentences on the paper, different punctuation marks among the sentences.

It is for sure that

no one likes the article/document to read which is having the same structure and content., so change is necessary not in the life of the people but also in the structure and content of the written documents. The audience like those writers which used to provide creative work one after the other.

The academic institutions

are the source from where the students at the first point learn how to write, what the writing process is, what the strategies of reverse outlining are and how to follow the sentence variety. The students and the writers can learn all these techniques by writing small and large paragraphs, one learns by making mistakes.