3 Main Types of Art to Express Your Imaginations

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3 Main Types of Art to Express Your Imaginations June 16, 2021

Art is a diverse range of activities that express human thoughts, society, and cultural values. It is an imaginative, creative, and nonscientific branch of knowledge. Defining the phenomena of art is a complicated task because there is no hard and fast rule that’s why each individual perceives it differently.

Art is a Medium of Expression

Art in its true sense is a way of human expression, a way of speaking with words or without them. The artistic author always passionate about creating beautiful objects. The author is using his art by composing different ideas to express his feelings. In many cultures, art has a unique place in their religion and is considered a spiritual journey leading to nirvana collaboration between God and man. Specifically, Indian culture takes it as a bridge of communication between the creator and the creature.

Main Types of Art

The true and finest form of art is the one that influences thoughts and expresses hidden emotions. There exist hundreds of forms of art but we will be categorizing the main types of art into three such as;

1. Visual Art

Visual art includes arts such as drawing, architecture, abstracts, painting, conceptual art, and in modern times photography also comes under this category. A painter will draw or paint a picture with many colors, that selection reflects his personality. This is the most popular form of art because an artist says a lot of things without speaking a single word.

2. Literary Art

This category is closely related to literature, which is basically the art of written work. The word literature means “acquaintance with letters”. The literary art includes poetry, prose, drama, both romantic and fiction novels in which the author spread love, humanity, arrogance, or other emotions by just using words and dialogues.

3. Performing Art

Last but not least, in the performing arts, the artist using his own or someone else body, face, and presence as a medium. Music, theatre, singing, and dance are the basic form of performing arts. Nevertheless, arts such as acrobatics, busking, comedy, martial arts are also included in this.  They represent imagination to imitate reality in the most engaging way.


All these mediums of art are a way of expression and artists simply trying to express themselves by using drawing, writing, movement, or other forms. Each type has its charm that creates a new world of emotions so that everyone perceives it as they want.