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Writing Fiction August 18, 2012

Writing is a very helpful way of conveying ideas to the people and enables the writer to create a great way of communicating with the public very easily. Sometime these words help to teach a useful lesson to the readers a lot by taking help from some story. Good words used by the writer help the people a lot to do great work for the public which enjoys the great lesson they absorb from any writings wrote by the writer so as to help people handle their problems in a better way so that life could get prospered and much better than before.

Writers use different ways of writing and compile words in various methods and then give discovery to great writings. One of the types of the writing is “fiction writing”. This type of writings has been used by the writers from a long time which helps them to create a story from their own creative mind and then give it life of words which consequently help people to gain great message from it and let it being applied in their life. Fiction writing do not contain any connect with reality and has no resemblance with any person living or dead as a legend or simple person.
For writing fiction a writer has to keep some factors in his mind so as to create a good story. Fiction writings by the writers after coming on to the paper wear different forms which are then enjoyed by the public and readers. Purpose of fiction writing is different which totally depends upon mind of the writer and they can be different as depending on different levels of mind of writers. Some fiction writings are written so as to make people face the realities and their consequences which affect the society in one way or other.
For writing fiction writer has to think about the characters which can influence his topic and could play important role in supporting his idea behind the story. Next he has to think about the plotting of the characters such as where they belong from or in the story what they do and which places they go has o be decided by the writer. Then comes setting in which wrier has to decide the time in which important and less important actions of the characters will take place. Next is the turn of theme and dialogues of characters.
Writing fiction is the beautiful art which makes the writer to teach people something good and help them in making their lives easy for them. By developing stories writer can entertain his readers in an excellent and bright way and can take them out from their monotonous routines. By writing about good characters and making them do action at right time will help him to create excellent story for public. Written stories can take the form of plays which further help the viewers to know about the idea of writer in a better way by looking at live characters.