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Writing Process Presentation August 17, 2012

Elements Of Writing Process

Writing is a time consuming job and if you want to write well and with creativity then it takes much time, there are many writers who used to write very well but the reality is that these writer give time to their writing material. There are many ways for the students to follow in order to complete their writing tasks in a less time but with of quality. The students//writers should follow three main essential ingredients of the writing process and these are as follows:

  1.  Invention
  2.  Composing
  3.  Revision

The above elements are very important to cater while writing. Missing one of the elements makes the document useless, because the writer is writing for the audience and if the audience finds mistakes within the document then it is of no use. It is necessary for the instructors to let the students aware about the elements of writing because they need to write many assignments during their semester and if they don’t know how to start and finish the writing step then how they are able to complete assignments in an effective way.

Guidelines For The Elements

Following are the guidelines which one needs to follow while writing the articles/assignments and paper:

Before making the first draft the students/writers need to analyze the audience because this is the most important factor as audience needs to read the writing material. The writer should know the level of understanding and their expectations. The purpose of writing and the audience could not be avoided by the writer. Initially the writer should generate different ideas and jot down all the ideas on the paper and this exercise is also called the brainstorming, one should thing and write without having anything extra in the mind. One should gather all the material related to the topic in the invention stage.

After performing the invention strategy the writer should do the composing. The writer should define the statement of the paper and then narrow down the topic in different areas. Here the organization of ideas is very essential; organize the whole points in different chapters and paragraphs. The arguments should be organized in such a way that they will clearly support the claim. In the conclusion the main points should be given and at last recommendation should be included so to improve the facts and the figures.

The revision of the first draft is very necessary because the documents with UN related phrases, and a mistake in the document is of no use for the reader. The reader wants no mistakes in the document and goes for the reliable document. While revising and proofreading the writer should check the spelling mistakes, paragraph transitions and punctuation and grammar mistakes. The sentence structure is again very important to review. It is not always necessary that the writer have to cut the material sometimes he/she has to add the material too because of the insufficient arguments.

Writing is not a difficult to do but the hard reality is that the writer needs to follow the guidelines mentioned above in order to achieve the purpose of writing. Writing is not just to write the ideas and facts it is to generate the ideas, organize those ideas in defined and refined way and then at last focus on revising and reviewing. These three elements are the source of good and worthwhile writing, and also the source of creativity.