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Adding Emphasis in Writing January 17, 2021

Writing Tactics

Writing includes different tactics and strategies which the writer needs to follow to innovate all together with a different document. It is always better to use the proper words, punctuations, etc while writing because these affect the document utilization by the audience.

Elements that Emphasize

Following are the elements that one needs to cater to while writing to give emphasis:

    1. Formatting of Text

A good writer is the one who after writing use to format the text properly, proper alignment should be given to the text.

    2.  Structure of Sentences

The structure of the sentences should be clear and very precise so it makes the audience clear the first sight about the meaning of the sentences.

   3. Punctuation

Punctuation makes the sentence structure clear and gives great emphasis on writing; it gives expressions to the words, so the marks should be properly used. Make sure your writing is free from punctuation errors.

  4. Words Arrangement

Proper use of the words makes the document more presentable, the words like especially, particular, however, etc are of great importance for the text.

Past Practices of Writing

Many years ago, it was being observed that there were no computers, laptops which facilitate the writers to have graphical and textual effects on the written material. In the past, the publishers used to highlight the important point with the help of an underline, as proof there are many publications in the library. Now there are many options for the writers to make the important points more focused on the audience so that they can know what to read and what to understand in the whole paper. Windows provide various options to the writer like as follows:

  • Fonts styles
  • Font colors
  • Underline styles
  • Fonts size

The writers can also use the font colors to give more emphasis on the particular word in the paper. On the internet, the website designers have used hyperlinks and for this, they used to color the word which is actually the link. According to the survey, it was concluded that the audience becomes more attracted towards the text which is presentable and colorful that is the reason that professional people used to use colorful templates for the presentations.

Italics are very common to use among the students to show more importance to the point. There are many ways for the writers to express the importance of the words in the paper like some writers use to write the whole word in the capital and some used to write in the small. Punctuation makes the sentences linked with each other and the clauses play an important role as well, like forgiving the command, the writer used to write the exclamation marks. Among the punctuation, a dash is more forceful than a comma.

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Impact of Technology

Technology has facilitated the writers’ to make their work more presentable and acceptable to the people. The presentation templates are very common terms used among the writers and the presenters because this is one of the forms of writing in which the writers used to emphasize the text by giving only the main points by highlighting them with different font sizes etc. Active voice is more preferable than the passive voice while writing because it may confuse the audience while reading. The most desirable paper is the one in which different textual options are applied. Sometimes the readers don’t have much time to read the paper so they want to read in hurry but want to get the main focal points of the paper in that case the readers need to use to apply different tactics to emphasize the text.