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Tips for Writing a Thesis Statement March 18, 2021

What is a Thesis Statement?

The thesis statement is the basis of the whole research conducted by the researcher. It is the premises around which the whole survey needs to be carried out. The researcher needs ground to do the survey because it is not possible to do the research without the thesis statement. The writer can get the purpose of the writing research paper from the thesis statement.

Tips To Write a Thesis Statement

To create the thesis statement is not very difficult, but to write the worth statement, the author needs to have the vision and the logic behind it. The researcher needs to practice the tips and techniques of writing to produce a valuable statement. For creating the thesis statement, it is very necessary for people to follow the following tips:

1. Formatting of Thesis Statement

The thesis statement should be at the start of the research means in the introduction; it is not wise to hide the statement. You can use it at the end of the introductory paragraph because it’s easier to grasp their attention in the beginning than in the latter part of the research/thesis.

2. Avoid Vague Language

The words in the statement should not be vague; the sentence structure should be clear and avoid confusion by mixing up the ideas. The language in the statement should be according to the audience, so it is quite important that the writer should consider the level of the audience while writing. Vague language should be avoided in writing the statement because the success of the thesis depends upon the statement.

3. Use Fewer Conjunctions

Avoid using many conjunctions while writing because it makes the statement confusing. A specific statement with fewer conjunctions will lead to the proper direction of getting the proofs that defend the claims of the author. So, don’t use so many conjunctions while writing the statement.

4. Concise and Limited

The statement should have a limited subject, which means that upon which topic the paper is telling about to the audience because the thesis statement expresses a claim to the audience. You must decide beforehand which kind of thesis statement you will be going to debate because it helps the reader or writer to stick to that point. Also Precise opinion in a statement, this opinion offers answers to different questions related to the subject.

5. Authenticity of Statement

Originality and authenticity are very essential while writing the statement. The writer should write much more in the thesis statement, like how the writer is going to evaluate the claim, rather than just writing out the name of the topic to the audience.

6. Body of Research Paper

The body is very important in the research paper because it helps the researcher to prove the claim presented in the statement. The conclusion is the asset of the paper because this part makes the claim right with the help of the reasons and facts in the body.

7. Make a Draft

The best way to write the perfect statement is that the writer should write all the thoughts about the topic which comes to mind while writing. Before starting to write a statement, you should first write a blueprint, which means that by adding this ingredient, the audience can read all the ideas and plans of the author related to the topic. Moreover, you can make your thesis statement debatable by rewriting lengthy sentences to make them more engaging and appealing. This way, you can get rid of fluffy sentences and improve content readability and quality.

A good statement needs time, so it’s better for the writer to sit alone and give full concentration to generate different ideas related to the topic. Additional data in the statement is one of the factors of a good thesis statement.