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Types and Features of Thesis Statement March 11, 2021

Types Of Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is the center of the discussion and a very essential element. While writing the thesis statement, a writer should write the statement according to the types of the essay like if the essay is argumentative then the statement should be according to that. There are different types of thesis statements and these are as follows:

1. Analytical

In this statement, the author uses to breaks down the issue into smaller components and then provides the evaluation report to the audience. This statement provides the information to the audience regarding the issue which the author is analyzing, and presents the whole analysis report in parts.

2. Argumentative

In this statement, the researcher uses to make a solid claim and then uses the proofs and evidence to give the authenticity of the claim to the audience. This statement provides reasons for arguments and claims, also the systematic order in which the author is providing the facts and the figures to the target audience.

3. Explanatory

In this statement, the author uses to explain the audience, here in this statement the author provides the information regarding the fact which is to be explained later in more detail, the road map which states the way to present the whole explanation in front of the audience.

Features Of Thesis Statement

One can develop a good quality statement on the basis of one’s interest it means that the writer should choose those topics on which the reader wants to study. Following are characteristics  of well structured and fine quality thesis statement:

  • The thesis statement should be argued.
  • The thesis statement should show the clear point of the argument so as to avoid any confusion at the end for the readers.
  • The thesis statement should be without the passive voice.
  • The statement should be focused, the sentence structure or vocabulary should be understandable.
  • The thesis statement should be free from all grammatical errors. So, make sure to perform a grammarly check to find and fix grammar and structural errors.
  • It should be very well written, concise that elaborate problem.
  • The best statement is the one that helps the reader to reach the conclusion.

Significance Of Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is the body of the research paper and without it, the researcher is not able to carry out any research because the researcher needs to have the basic point/argument. It provides the reason for writing and one who is interesting in discussing any issue should understand that he must have some basic knowledge and trick to write an effective thesis statement.

In colleges and universities, the management used to add the “research methodology” as a compulsory subject just to help the students to write the valuable research paper. It is the condensed description of the whole article and after reading it the reader can understand the reason for writing the article. A thesis statement is very significant because it could not sidetrack readers from the theme of the research and produce well-related claims accordingly.