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Quoting, Paraphrasing, And Summarizing August 18, 2018

Meaning Of Quoting, Paraphrasing, And Summarizing

The quotation is the phrase or the word given by the writers and philosophers and these phrases are stated between the commas. The phrase or the sentences should be the same as the original, means the writers need to state the whole phrase word by word. In different books and articles, the writers have used different quotations related to the topic to convince the audience about the fact. With the quotations, the name of the writer is important to write.

Paraphrasing is a very common skill

which the writers used to have. It means to place the whole original paragraph in the writer’s own words. Paraphrasing encourages the rewording of the paragraph and converts it into the new one, this concept is the kind of plagiarism. A summary is not as detailed as the paraphrase is, but the paraphrase is brief and shorter in length than the original source. If the writer wants to write brief and just to convey the meaningful message then it is good to write paraphrasing because it is focused on the essential message of the passage.

Summarizing means to write

the main points of the whole document in a very concise form. In the writing process, the two parts are very important such as the introduction and the conclusion. In conclusion, mostly the writer writes the main points and facts of the whole document. For summarizing the document briefly the writer should first read the whole document and then re-read the whole one again. The writer should circle the main points in the documents. The other way to summarize the document is to divide the written material into different stages and then explain the stage in own words. After gathering the nut of the document the writer should develop the draft and revise it. One thing which the writer should not forget is to compare the document with the original source.

Reason Of Using The Quotations,

Paraphrasing And Summary

Following are the reasons due to which it is better for the authors to use such concepts while writing:

These facilitate the writers to support the assertion and they increase the credibility of the author.

With the help of summarizing, the author can make the document more brief and concise.

Paraphrasing assists the writers to use brain instead of reference books and articles for the keywords.

Paraphrasing and Summary help the audience to understand the meaning more easily because in paraphrasing and summarizing the words are more simple than in the original source.

The instructors should encourage

The students in their academic careers to get involved in the process of quoting, paraphrasing and summarizing while writing the subject assignments and projects. For doing anything there is always a proper way of doing it likewise for quoting the quotes in the document there are many ways to quote means that the writer can write quotations at the top of the page or in between the paragraphs etc.

Quoting, summarizing and paraphrasing are the tactics of writing good documents, so the skilled writers are the one which used to exercise these tactics while writing. These strategies are very essential for an effective document in terms of solid facts/figures and conciseness. Conciseness in the document takes less time of the reader to read the whole document. Time is very important for the audience and for the writers so one should give much importance to the time.