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APA Writing August 18, 2018

What Are The Basics of APA Writing Style
In the process of writing an academic paper, essay, dissertation, etc, it is one of the requirements of academic papers that if you are getting help from any source then you have to use a specific citation style.

The citation style means that you have to give the reference of the source from which you have taken any help for making your arguments more strong. There are numerous referencing styles such as APA, MLA writing style, etc.

For example,

APA writing style is normally used for the referencing of social science and citations. Social science covers many disciplines such as psychology, business, economics, medical, criminal justice and law.

In every discipline, the main concern is to write the academic papers in correct APA writing style. There are certain rules and regulations involved in APA writing style. It looks difficult to write in APA but in reality, it is convenient to understand the rules. It is important to understand due to the aspect of learning as well as getting good marks in the academic assignments.

One of the important

rules of APA writing style is to avoid passive voice sentences. There are few instructors who deduct the marks of students due to the usage of passive voice sentences with heavy density. In active voice, the meaning of the sentence is presented in a straight way. In passive voice, students use the word “by” mostly.

There is also a misconception of students that they will get good marks by paying more attention to the rules and regulations of APA writing style instead of focusing on the content of the paper. For writing a successful paper, it is important to follow proper referencing style asked by the instructor but proper attention should be given to each part of the paper. The content of the academic paper should be very strong because sometimes instructors forget to check out the format rules of APA writing style due to the existence of great content.

One of the other core

issues fall among students is plagiarism. If you don’t cite the words or quotes then the software like Turnitin detects the plagiarized data. When this online software detects the plagiarized data then teacher penalizes or rusticate student in some cases.

It is useful for all the students to write the academic paper with a proper APA writing style.
In the APA writing style, several editions are also available in the market. It is compulsory for every person to follow the edition of APA writing style which is being demanded by the instructors.

Many universities are using

their own APA writing style guidelines or amended rules instead of generally available APA writing style rules. It is advisable to use the APA writing style format which is being provided by the instructors.
It is advisable to proofread the academic papers properly in order to avoid uncertain discrepancies. It is advisable because teachers never proofread the document; they read the documents and mark zero in case of plagiarism or any other issues.