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Conciseness August 18, 2018

Meaning Of Conciseness

Conciseness means to, write the paper with strong and few words. The value of the document is not with the quantity but with the quality so it is better for the writers to focus on the conciseness.

Mostly the researchers used to write many weak words in the paper but those words can be replaced with strong words. Good writing needs a better selection of vocabulary and words and this comes from reading books and articles etc.

In the fast pace of life, no one has time to spend on reading and the readers want the nut of the paper/article because the readers need the words which are more effective and clear in reading. The technical areas need conciseness everywhere. The concise article offers the material which is actually required by the readers.

Strategies Of Adopting Conciseness

The writer can adopt conciseness by developing a proper introduction and outline for the article because these two tactics can shorten the length.

Elimination of the irrelevant material is very important and this course of action could be achieved by reading the whole document very critically. It is easy for the writers to add graphics while writing in the paper because these can describe the concept/fact in the shortest way. Revising is a key to conciseness. While writing the writers should use to avoid the following:

  • Passive voice
  • Repetition of words
  • Infinitive Phrases

Vague and slang language should be avoided while writing because these are actually irrelevant words and weak in nature. The good writers always formalized their text with conciseness.

One can avoid wordiness and vague words by getting guidance from the thesaurus. Brainstorming facilitates the writer in developing a concise document.

One should critically evaluate the words in the paragraph because for conciseness it is very important that every word expresses value to the audience with authentic relevance with the topic. The writer should avoid normalizations and go for using verbs.

The writers/researchers are writing

for the readers, so it is necessary for the writers to have the image of readers in the minds, the writer should eliminate the information which is very much clearer to the reader because it is of no use for the readers.

For effective and better communication conciseness is very important. Less use of irrelevant words is not only good in writing but also in communicating verbally. Concise writing helps the audience to hold the needed information more easily.

Ways Of Improving Concise Writing Skills

The basics of writing should be clear. The audience is the most important factor to be focused while writing and use the language which is understandable for them.

The proper transition of the paragraph is very useful. The grip on the English language affects a lot while writing concise. The facts in points make the document more concise than the document in paragraphs. The above-mentioned skills come from writing and reading books, so it is for sure that no one is skilled in writing by birth, one needs to learn to write.

Prewriting is very essential

for writing concise because in this way the writer can add all the relevant points but with less wordiness. The culture of the institute affects very much in the writing skills of the students because some teachers required that the students should write as much as he/she can so, in this case, it is impossible for the student to focus on conciseness.