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Paragraphs And Paragraphing August 18, 2018

Meaning And Importance Of Paragraph

Collection of words and sentences regarding the specific topic is known as the paragraph. The writers should learn how to develop the paragraphs because this practice can help them in drafting a well-written document. The libraries are filled with many books in which there are many paragraphing available. A paragraph is one of the great tools to organize the material and research data in an organized way. If the writer is having a very valuable material but not able to organize the data in a proper form then there is no need to such material because that data would be of no use of the readers, and in this way, the writer is not baled to meet the goals.

Guidelines To Follow Paragraphs

Following are the guidelines which the writer needs to follow while organizing the data into the paragraph form:

The writer should be very careful in mentioning one main and basic idea in one paragraph. There could be many sentences in one paragraph if they relate to each other and align with the main point of the paragraph.

The new ideas and the contrast between the ideas should be in different paragraphs.

The writer should start a very new paragraph, as the paragraph is very long and having a difficult material to understand.

The author should go for new paragraphing when starts a different topic, like from introduction to conclusion.

Following are the elements of the paragraphs which the writer needs to know very well to make the paragraph very organized:

Unity, topic sentence, coherence,

development so these are the keys for the well-organized paragraph. There should be a unity in the paragraphs; the writer should be focused on one idea so one can avoid deviations in ideas in the paragraphs. Logical bridges should be encouraged. The best paragraph is the one which is having many sentences covering only one idea. The flow of sentences having one idea in a parallel way means the success of the writer in the writing process. The same keyword could be used in many different sentences in the paragraphs.

Topic sentence expresses

the whole idea of the paragraph that what the whole paragraph is all about. There is a different place to add the topic sentence in the paragraph, it could be in the start, the middle, the last but it is better to add the sentence in the very beginning of the paragraphs so that it could e easy for the writer to understand the whole concept of the paragraph. The topic sentence is a good turn for the beginners in writing because in this way they can attract the readers to their articles, documents, etc.

The authors should make sure

that the paragraph should be well organized and well developed and it is for sure that the paragraphs with two or three lines are not developed. The paragraphs are well developed which are having examples and facts, quotes, story, reasons, causes, etc. As far as paragraphing is concerned there are two essential ingredients which should be in focus like the transitions and the other are signposts, these ingredients facilitate the readers to understand the paragraph in very less time.

The document should be concise enough but with valuable information so that the readers can consume less time in reading the document.