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Progress Demands Plagiarism April 2, 2018

Progress moves up on the grounds of success and dedication when the outstanding demands and ideas meet together on a flourishing platform. When these two factors of demanding and ideas are kept together, they come up and rise in terms of progress and development. In reference to documentation, plagiarism has been defined as showing someone else’s work as your own by not giving any source of credit towards the work done by the original author. Though this practice is a crime to a large extent, in some cases, it has been reputed as challenging as well as demanding for the progress. This is the ultimate truth that progress demands plagiarism for the better development of many things.

Plagiarism for Progress

Plagiarism has been defined as the expression for giving a clear definition of exploring new things which will lead towards the eminent factor of progress. How is plagiarism demanding on way towards the development of progress? The following example will give a clear understanding of this aspect.

Steve Jobs was one of

the innovative developers of the world’s renowned manufacturer of mobile and computer gadgets known as Apple. He was not creating anything himself; rather he was only presenting ideas to his other creative workers, and sometimes was manipulating the ideas of his team members to shape them better.

The plagiarism in this form has been taken in a positive context and is known for putting the ladder towards the outsourcing of progress and development. Every person in this world who has brilliant ideas cannot convert the ideas into words.

For this task, a second person would be required always for putting those ideas into words, texture, and scripture. We cannot grade this as plagiarism because it is pushing the demanding nature of technology and the big society.

Steve was not the one who was manufacturing the icons, in fact, there were people behind him who was taking his creative ideas and were implemented into the world’s biggest electronic gadgets. This type of plagiarism could take him and wrapped him within the culture.

Plagiarism, a Friend to Innovation

Plagiarism has been known as a friend of creation and innovation. This is intellectual by taking plagiarism as a way towards progress because every innovative texture which has been created until now has eventually come up from something which has already been found.

They have been constructed by implementing those predefined ideas and thoughts for forming the platform of progress, success, and milestones. All the advancements and developments we see were actually based upon ideas that originally existed years or maybe centuries ago, and then they kept developing for betterment.

Say A Big No To Plagiarism!!

References and citations

are important for putting the context on the way to the demanding sitcom of progress and developing success. Putting up citations and references is way prominent and important for having the well defined and fine taste of progress on your way.

Therefore it is serene to mention here that progress needs challenges and demands for plagiarism. This is eventually not a crime at all towards systems, associations, and panels.