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Prevention of Plagiarism through Various Evaluations April 10, 2018

Plagiarism is really spoiling the original literature and ultimately the quality as well as the quantity of the literary sources if being damaged to a serious extent. It is highly desirable to plan and devise prevention of plagiarism through various evaluations which could check for the existence of plagiarism and make possible measures to avoid and discourage it. In fact, the act of plagiarism is posing a serious threat to the creativity and originality especially when it regards to the fields of arts and literature. It is also important and should be concerned because this practice greatly disturbs the original identity and individualism of the works presented originally by the creators.

It is required to present and plan such important aspects which could serve as the major milestone in curbing the act of plagiarism and preventing the people from doing so that the purity of any work may be maintained. Before finding out the ways to curb and prevent the act of plagiarism, it is required to first study band evaluate different types of plagiarism which can possibly occur in any text or work. Once the major forms and types of plagiarism are studied, it becomes easy to find out and evaluate the kind of plagiarized works and documents and accordingly the measures can be adopted.

There are different types and formats of plagiarism found in the literature. Most of these are found to occur in the literature and arts and up to a very few extents in the field of science. Understanding these types is very important because this can help the people and authorities to sort out and differentiate between the original and copied work. This is the most important task especially in cases of publications. Any work must be thoroughly checked for its originality before it is approved for publication in any online or printed material.

If any plagiarism is found, then the document is unfit for publication because this may lead to the legal proceedings under the acts of copyright infringement. As a result of the publisher, as well as the owner of the content both, can be in warm waters. There are many ways to detect and find out the cases of direct plagiarism because direct plagiarism is concerned with the direct copying of the whole material. However, in the case of indirect plagiarism, it becomes sometimes difficult to find out the extent of plagiarism that has occurred.

Usually, these kinds of plagiarisms occur in academics. The students should be discouraged on all levels from committing this act because this is really hazardous for their own career. The documents should be passed through the plagiarism checking software in order to ensure that no copying has occurred. This will make them more vigilant regarding the completion of their task. As a result, they will be saved from committing the crime of plagiarism knowingly or unknowingly. On practical grounds, it is required to pass the documents and works through the plagiarism check. For this purpose, many software is made available.