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Plagiarism Tools April 18, 2018

It can get very difficult to detect plagiarism, especially online. Plagiarists rely on the vastness of the internet and the anonymity that comes with.

World Wide Web to freely copy and paste material from any place that they wish; they think they can easily avoid detection!

However plagiarism, no matter how tiny or how subtle, is still an intellectual theft and this issue should be properly addressed so as not to let other plagiarists have the liberty and satisfaction that they can never be caught in this lie!

Internet comes with its benefits along with its various drawbacks. Where the internet allows plagiarists to access and copy anonymous information, they also provide you with tools that can help you catch anyone who has copied from anywhere.

Whether you are a teacher,

a professor, an editor or a publisher, you cannot do without a plagiarism tool if you wish to find something highly original.

A plagiarism tool on the internet is software which helps you detected whether a story, poem, article or assignment is copied or some parts of it are plagiarized and copied from other sources and not properly cited and referred to.

Then, thanks to the internet,

there is another kind of plagiarism on the rise. That is the misuse of something which you have written or produced!

People feel free to copy your stuff, whether art, pictures, blogs or plain old venting about the world and society and life in general! The anonymity of the internet has lessened the sense of guilt in plagiarists.

However thanks to technology there are now tools that help you detect the ‘misuse’ of your written content. Tools like Copyscape and Plagium help you find all the instances where something you have written is being misused somewhere else and you can easily stop it!

Then there are situations

one faces at school or workplace every day. You read a document and have a crazy feeling of déjà-vu that you have read this before. It isn’t a feeling!

You probably have, on the internet. There are plagiarisms tools like WCopyFind which help you locate the amount of plagiarism done when you know which document something has been copied off from! These tools are highly sensitive and allow you to find many different kinds of plagiarized works and the extent to which they have been plagiarized without any issue.

Pro Tip

Plagiarism no matter

how innocent and subtle is still a crime and no plagiarist should have the satisfaction that the internet has helped him rise above moral conscience.

Plagiarism needs to be detected and countered and all these plagiarism tools help you accomplish just that! And that too with a tiny click, they locate the exact sources from their large databases and help you nip the issue in the bud!

Is Turnitin plagiarism checker free?

The answer is NO, It is not Free at all. Companies like paradigm have software like Turnitin which helps teachers and professors detect if a paper has been freely copied off the internet!