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Hilarious Instances of Plagiarism April 2, 2018

Plagiarism means to cheat and cheating is more than a crime. Simple copy and pasted material is the cheating committed by nonprofessional cheaters. However professional cheaters steal ideas and then transform them into their own wordings by rephrasing them. There are people who never feel ashamed of if they are caught for plagiarizing and others even don’t mind to feel the embarrassment. There have been several hilarious instances of plagiarism which can be a lesson to all the plagiarists. Below are some of such instances:

Plagiarism Done By German Education Minister

Earlier the news was considered as rumors that Annette Schavan (Germany’s Education Minister) had been plagiarizing some specific parts of the dissertation. These allegations could create a tough situation when a committee of 12 members voted against her. The committee has declared her creative work invalid and it has been decided to revoke her title of doctor. She intends to challenge this decision in court and her lawyer denied accepting it as a truth.

A Student-Athlete – Plagiarized

Erik Highsmith has been found plagiarizing on a blog post which he was supposed to write by himself. It was a requirement of his communication class. Actually, the material related to the subject was stolen from some website of education. It was written by some 11 years old kid. However, his fans, professors as well as coaches are willing to take it because they are more enthusiastic about the game.

The Young Writer Plagiarized From The Best

KaavyaViswanathan, the famous young writer admitted that she copied some of the passages from another book author Megan McCafferty. But she expressed that it was an unintentional act that was committed by her. Harvard Crimson (a reporter) has been investigating on this and there were similarities found in the writings of both authors.

 Plagiarism by Anti Plagiarist

Southern Illinois University was plagued by various scandals of plagiarism in 2007. Officials were worried a lot and they were thinking to take some serious measures. They could prepare a document of 17 pages (report) and they tried to define plagiarism. They put forward a very lengthy definition of the term. Surprisingly the definition which was comprised of 139 words was almost the same as the definition presented by Indiana University in 2005.

Plagiarism by an Intern of Colorado Springs Gazette

Hailey Mac Arthur was a student of journalism at the University of Florida (College of Journalism) and she started working as an intern for Colorado Springs Gazette during the second year of studies. It was described in an editorial by the editor of the Colorado Springs Gazette that she copied the text from a small town journal. However, it was found that she copied it from the New York Times. She must be penalized for this unwanted act of plagiarism by the Gazette. Perhaps she would have been dismissed or disgraced.

Bottom Line

Plagiarism is certainly more than a criminal act which must be discouraged and stopped by the all possible means. It is spoiling the brains of our youth and of course if they will keep doing like this, it will suck their imaginations.