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Plagiarism in Movies April 2, 2018

Movies are considered the major source of entertainment but this sole source of entertainment is being infiltrated with the copying and plagiarism kinds of things.

Previously the only true and wise concept about movies was that these were meant to be truly artistic in approach and original in concept conveying some sort of message or providing some definite entertainment. However, it has been changed to a great extent.

Nowadays the menace of plagiarism

has also badly affected the movie making and the style in which movies are made and played. As it regards to the issue of plagiarism it is a fact that nowadays transliteration of dialogues and concepts has been exaggerated and advanced to such a stage that the copying of movies is being done openly these days.

In order to address

the issue of plagiarism in movies, it is thought to be a wise step to have set a different definition of plagiarism especially when it comes in movies. In case of plagiarism occurring in the literary or scientific papers, theses, books, or web content, the plagiarism is not considered as a crime and it is only thought to be the act of moral offense.

However, in the case of movies, this definition does not fit on the act. This is because when the whole concept, main idea, subject and even the dialogues are stolen from movies, the original identity is lost. In this way, a huge loss may also occur to the business of the movie which was copied. Even if it is in a different language, the impact created by this copying is very dangerous.

The plagiarism in movies

can be redefined as copying the idea or data acquisition from one or more movies and using it to create the print or movie of one’s own without even mentioning the source of inspiration.

Specifically, it is the responsibility of the authorities which are releasing the movies that they should check for the originality of the print or if any plagiarism has occurred then the extent of copying or plagiarism has to be determined.

There should be a determination

of certain standards or levels up to which this copying should be allowed. Otherwise, it can seriously play havoc to the posting, playing, marketing and business of the movie which was copied.

Therefore, it is very important to treat this threat of plagiarism, as this is the only thing which can decide the originality of a certain creation. Certain measures are required to be adopted in order to discourage the act of plagiarizing the movies and it should be minimized to the maximum possible extent.

This really happens in the movie making industry all over the world that the concepts and story are stolen. However, nowadays this copying has reached its peak in which the sound effects, background, locations, and techniques are also kept the same. This has resulted in the complete loss of the identity and originality of both the movies the one being copied and the other one.