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Article Content Vs. Plagiarism April 2, 2018

Basically, plagiarism is depicted by including someone else’s ideas and thoughts in one’s writings and not giving him or her proper credit in the form of reference or acknowledgment. In some other cases, the language is even kept the same which is very unethical. As it regards to the plagiarism in article content, it is very obvious that any kind of plagiarism is not tolerated. This is because different online sources of plagiarism check and software setups are available which can detect any kind of copying or forgery within minutes.

Article content vs. plagiarism

or concern of plagiarism in the case of the article content is crucial because articles are posted on the internet on different websites and blogs for the sake of marketing a company or website. If there is any plagiarism in the articles, their posting or publication on the websites may not occur properly. Therefore original and unique content is always favored for article writing.

Plagiarism has been defined

in terms of deception by many scholarly people and universities. This is a sort of intentional deception in which there is an element of stealth as well. The more dangerous and criminal thing is the one in which case there is no attribution or acknowledgment of the source. Different websites have adopted different policies for catching and avoiding plagiarism. However, some other websites have not taken any protective measures deliberately. Among these is the most famous policy of the website of Wikipedia. This is called as the three core content policy.

Usually, most of the websites

offering content does not have any prohibitory steps to prevent their content from being copied and being used somewhere else. These are mostly the original research articles and are meant to provide the original and first-hand ideas. The sources of these articles are also reliable and verifiable. However when these articles are used by other writers and are not cited properly or the context is kept the same, then in these cases it becomes very obvious that the action is falling into the category of plagiarism. Therefore while posting any article content to any website or blog, it is very important to check and verify its resources.

Usually, the plagiarism allegations

are commonly faced by the people who use Wikipedia because they can easily pick the content form the website and can also use it without any scrutiny. However when the same content is posted on any other website or blog having a vigilant system of check and plagiarism detection, then the writer may face a problem. In these cases, it is highly desirable that the writers should remove it as much as possible from the write up so that it may not get rejected for posting on account of plagiarism or fraud. This is also not good for the general repute of the writer as well. The links of Wikipedia are very vulnerable to the problem of plagiarism on account of not having a proper policy related to plagiarism. Therefore in order to improve the credibility of a website, it is very important to develop and maintain a proper system of check and balance on writings.