Avoiding Plagiarism in Articles while Working with Hired Freelance Writers

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Avoiding Plagiarism in Articles while Working with Hired Freelance Writers April 1, 2018

If you have experienced working with freelance writers, you would have experienced that there are countless scam artists in this industry. When you start working with the freelancing services, they are very good at quality but with the passage of time, you would start finding lots of mistakes. Before you could start working with any freelance writer, you must evaluate their services. Avoiding remove plagiarism in articles while working with hired freelance writers may be a little difficult, but not impossible at all. There are a few simple steps to follow if you want to avoid the scammers. It will help you to establish the long term business relationships with any particular freelance writing service. So let’s minimize the possibility of risk to be scammed by the scam artists.

• Evaluation of Website or Blog

Every professional and serious freelance writing service has its own blog or website. It shows how serious they are with their work. Before you could hire any freelance writing service, you must ask them to let you visit and evaluate their creative work. This is the way you will be able to check how proficient they are and either they will be helpful for you or not. You must try finding the professionalism as well as a great presentation of their work when evaluating their website. If the website is not designed properly, then how proficient they would be to produce quality work for you. Perhaps you would not like to have your business with such unprofessional people.

• Get The Samples

Asking for the samples is another way to evaluate the proficiency of a freelance writer. It will be helpful especially if you are going to hire some individual. You may ask the writer to submit the previous work done for some client or you can give some specific topic to write. They must be able to provide you the required sample in accordance with standards and must satisfy your expectations.

• Zero Tolerance for the Plagiarism

You would never like to put your business on stake therefore never tolerate on plagiarism. If you are going to publish the copyright material on your website then obviously you are about to ruin your business. Even if someone else (professional article writer) has produced that writing material for your business, still you will be held responsible for the plagiarism. So there must be a way for you to avoid these issues to safeguard your business. Find the appropriate methods to avoid these problems. You have an option to check the content for the plagiarism through different search engines. It will help you to find out if the content has been duplicated from somewhere else.

The other possible solution

is to use different plagiarism checking applications. One of the most utilized plagiarism checking services is CopyScape. It has been linked with a large number of article directories and databases. When you try to check for the plagiarism the application will check it through all the linked resources. It will show up the highlighted text along with its source from it was copied, if it has been duplicated. The bottom line of this discussion is that it is really hard but not impossible to avoid scam artists.