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Prewriting (Invention) March 18, 2018

Meaning Of Prewriting

Prewriting means before start writing the text in a formalized form, the writer needs to write every idea or points on a paper regarding the topic.

This act of writing makes the writer write in a very productive way. To write with an open mind is again a very good way to conduct the worth survey. The researcher needs to have a vague vision of the topic and then concise the topic in smaller elements to be more authenticated and precise.

Mostly the writers like to follow the below mention steps for starting and ending of the thesis:

Write the statement of the thesis

Develop the outline according to the thesis statement

Start writing and then developing the draft

Finally, Revise the draft in terms of grammatical and spelling errors

But it is true that the above mention steps are not worth for producing an extraordinary text, these kinds of steps are purely limiting the new ideas to come out from the minds of the writers. But on the other hand, the writer must be of open mind before starting and for this, the researcher should

Follow the following points:

1. Jot down all the points that come into the mind related to the topic

2. Don’t go for removing the grammatical mistakes and spelling but just write

3. Afterward, read what has been written and then delete which is irrelevant with the topic

4. Once having the data then construct the outline and formalized the data without the spelling and grammar mistakes

5. The key to good writing is that the writer must read the document and polish it after drafting

Prewriting Strategies

Following are the prewriting strategies:

Free writing: It means that the writer just jotted all the ideas on the paper without having any problem regarding the punctuation, and spelling mistakes. Free writing is in the form of a paragraph.

Brainstorming: It involves the list of all the ideas comes from the writer.

Clustering: In this strategy, the writer draws the circle in the middle having the main idea and then draw other small circles that are having the sub-ideas related to the main thought or the topic.

Journalistic Approach: In this strategy, the writer answers the W’s like what, when, how and why, etc.

Other names of strategies are as follows that are not so common:

  • Webbing
  • Roller Coaster
  • Checklists
  • Comic Strip

Now it is the choice of the writer that which type of strategy is suitable for writing, the main point which every writer needs to rethink again and again that the purpose of writing and the audience could not be avoided in any case. The audience is very essential and the writer should choose the language and words selection according to the target market because it is the key to success.

The audience mostly likes

to know the results of the article/story in just a few minutes that is why the writers use to go for the precise text. If the writer wants to make the text more concise and innovative then the prewriting strategies are worth. So the writer must exercise these techniques of prewriting as an obligation. Writing is the time-consuming process and good writers always give time to their work. In the libraries as the readers, you can see that there are many good pieces of works are available to read.