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Evaluating Sources August 18, 2012

Evaluating Sources Of Information

In the universities the instructors used to assign lot of assignments and projects to the students, and they must complete those assignments and the projects in time with useful and accurate information. In the libraries and on internet there is large amount of information present regarding the different topics but it is not necessary that all of the information and data is accurate and authentic so for this purpose it is essential fro the writers to evaluate the sources of different information.

In any activity of research the evaluation step is really important and missing it out can make the written material useless because sometimes by mistake the writer added the in accurate information before verifying it.

On the internet if you want to find out the word depression then there are hundred thousand studies available there and makes the writer confused about the word and it is very difficult for the writer to verify which study is most reliable. So it means large number of information can distort the mind of the writer. In the commercial environment the marketing people try to convince the consumers in such a way that they are forced to buy their products but the responsibility lies on the consumer to evaluate the product and its information that whether the information given by the seller is right or not, the same scenario lies with the writers as they have so much information then it is their responsibility to evaluate the information and the source from where it comes. Learning to evaluate is very essential it is not just the work but it is an art too, To do evaluation is the skill which one needs to learn that what to evaluate , what aspects should be in consideration while evaluating the work. For the research paper, evaluation of information and the source of information are important too, it means evaluation is not only for the small assignments and small projects but also for the major thesis.

Evaluation Of Print Sources And Internet Sources

Following are differences between the print and the internet sources and information and these differences can help the individuals to evaluate the worth and credibility of the information and the source of information:

The print sources are more credible because there are many reviewers present to review the whole document in a very fine manner. Where as on internet there is huge number of information and anyone can make a website but there is no editor to review and edit the text in most of the cases.

Print material clearly identifies the name of the author etc but on internet it is hard to find the name of the author who has written the material over the topic, so because of it one is not able to see the credibility of the material.

In the books and magazines, the quotations and the sayings of the know people are marked with the colons and commas, but on the internet there is no such quotation marked within the comma.

The cost of printing is much more than that of publishing the material on the internet.

The qualification of the writer is always necessary for the printing source but on internet there is no concept of writing the qualification of the writer.

A date of the published material is required in the printing source but internet source is lacking behind it.