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Formatting In Sociology – Formatting Of Manuscript August 18, 2012

According to the ASA style the writer should maintain a separate title page in which the name of the author, name of the institution and the name of the title is required. The font size should be appropriate like 12 font size is suitable and space should be double so that the words could be more clear and identifiable.

The writer following the ASA style should be focused on the 1 ¼ margin equally from four sides. Following are the guidelines which must follow:

The abstract is required to be on the separate page with the title of paper. The word limit should be of 150 to 200.

The first page should be separate than the abstract and the title page and having the title.

The foot notes and end notes should be encompassed in the separate page and numbered properly. Space should be doubled.

The References should be on the separate page with the heading of the reference. References should encompass with the hanging indent. The order of the references should be proper like the references should be in alphabetical orders as it facilitates the readers to find the references easily.

There are different ways to write the reference of the following sources like for the book, magazine, editorial, newspaper, books journals etc. The last name of the author should be written at the first place, and if the book has been written by many authors then write all the names and at the end write et al.

Purpose Of ASA

The sources from where one gets the information are necessary to be quoted in the paper or in assignment. The citation of the sources is essential to be written in the research paper so that the readers can find out who has written what in the paper. For the publishing of manuscripts in the ASA Journal it is necessary to write in the ASA style.

It is the responsibility of the instructor to give information to the students regarding the styles because every university has different adopted styles like some used to have MLA so have ASA etc so this point should be in focus of the instructor. The good writers and the well studied students have a grip on these styles because they are in the habit of using all these styles in their work.

Preparation And Learning Styles

The learning is not difficult but one should have the attitude and aptitude to learn, so that is why the research says that the people who are willing to learn are bale to learn quickly but the one who are not then they do have the difficulty to learn. The best thing for the student is that read all the styles first and then writes the differences existing within the styles, for all this it is essential to have a pen and a note pad. Practice all the styles by writing different small and large assignments because you can only learn by demonstrating practically. One cannot learn all the styles in one go it would take some time so there is no need to get frustrated, relax and just read the styles one by one.

Another way is to make the notes of all the styles in your own words because it is the fact the one can understand the concept written in their own words. There are many guides available for the instructors and the students online.