Higher Order Concerns (HOCs) And Lower Order Concerns (LOCs)

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Higher Order Concerns (HOCs) And Lower Order Concerns (LOCs) August 18, 2012

The writers used to write the articles, thesis, paragraphs in large numbers, in which they don’t give first priorities to all of the words and for sure it is not possible to give the priorities to all of the words and sentences because of time limitation.

The experienced writers used to give more importance to the statements, organization and development of the article rather than the spellings and grammatical mistakes. The thesis statements, organization of the material, etc. Are the higher order concerns of the writers were as spellings and punctuation are the lowest order concerns for the authors.

Higher Order Concerns

There are many elements which are of greater concerns for the authors while revising the whole article like the focus, central thesis, and purpose of the paper, target market, organization and development. While revising and proofreading the writer should check the existence of the central thesis, and summary of the whole thesis. After reading the first two paragraphs the reader should analyze that whether the readers’ can understand that what the article is all about after studying the starting of the thesis.

While revising the author should check that whether the purpose of the paper is matched to the topic, and has the writer clearly specified the target market, because the audience is the one for which the writer is writing. The organization of the paper should be in focus, the researcher should write down all the main points of the paragraphs and then check whether the whole data is in relation with each other or not. While revising, the author should check whether there is a need of more material in the paragraphs. After all, the above at last one should give the document to the reader to read and ask is the language understandable?

Lower Order Concerns

As the writer is giving more importance to the higher order concerns, but on the other hand the writer should also be focused towards the lower order concerns. The While revising the, one should check if something sounds bad and irrelevant.

The problems which occurred mostly should be eliminated and for eliminating them properly the writer should make a list of those words; the punctuation should be in proper places so to avoid any mis- confusion in the meanings of the sentences. The best way to find grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors is to revise the thesis from the last line to the beginning.

Sometimes it happens that lower order concerns become more important for the higher order concerns because any spelling, punctuation, spelling mistake can change the meaning of the thesis statement. The choice of the vocabulary also comes with the lower order concern; the writer should delete those words which are not appropriate with the sentence.

The clarity in the document, coherence, and unity is also the focus of the writers. Just to gather the material is not enough to arrange the material is a very challenging task on the behalf of the writer. The development of the proper thesis outline is very essential and it should be checked properly that whether it is aligned with the material encompassed in the document. It is to be concluded that the writers should be more focused towards higher order concerns than the lower order concerns.