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Dangers of Getting Help on Writing Papers June 12, 2018

The internet has spawned many new businesses and academic writing is one of them. Anyone who needs to get a paper written just has to surf the internet to find academic writing help website. Most of the people running and managing these websites are based all over the world in places like India, Philippines, etc. their rates are quite nominal and that’s what lures students in seeking help from them.

The way it works is that you send them the topic of the paper and the number of pages required and the index and the date they must complete and mail the paper to you. You agree on their charges and deposit in advance and they write the assignment. Now, these people are past masters at writing academic papers for students.

But what you have to be careful of is the research that they have conducted. They do fill out the references, but you must also be familiar with them. Teachers have a habit of questioning students about their research work. If you have not bothered to go over the paper and have done a ‘blind’ submission, you can be in a lot of trouble.

Secondly, you must remember that every writer has a particular writing style and if you use different writing services, the writing styles of your papers are going to differ. Also, English writing skills are going to differ. English is a foreign language for them and their writing skills can range from excellent to downright pathetic.  Also don’t get taken in by what’s written on their websites or the testimonials. They may have hired a professional web content writer to write the content and testimonials.

The biggest drawback that you could face is that another student has hired the same writing service provider to do a paper on the same topic as you, and you both end up submitting similar papers. Therefore do be careful while hiring writing service providers and make sure you understand exactly what has been written and researched. Remember you would have paid for the paper, but it’s your grades that will be at risk.