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Interview Presentation August 2, 2018

General Overview

Interview is not an easy act to perform, for this the interviewer needs to do much effort to generate the answers of various questions which are the success of the valuable and informative paper. Following is the outline which the student needs to follow while going for the interview:

Schedule of Interview

It is always better for the student to get in touch with the interviewee prior the date. The student must ask the availability of the interview and then adjust the time and the date with the interviewee.

There are two main points which should be in focus of the interviewer one is that the duration of the interviewee would be informed to the interviewee and the topic too.

Interview Preparation

Before going to the interview it is necessary to prepare for it, like the interviewer should list all the questions related to the topic but it should make sure that the questions should not be vague. The language of the question should be easy.

The best way to overcome the interview session is that the interviewer should have some information regarding the interviewee. The professional way to conduct the interview is to start the interview with the important and critical question.

The objective of the interview should be clear to the interviewer. Firstly the interviewer should ask that what is required in the paper. The decent language is encouraged while writing the questions.

The best interview is the one which is encompassed with the leading questions because through these questions the interviewer can get more details than the close ended questions.

Feed back

The interview should write the answers of the questions and summarize the main points in a way that after the interview the interview could easily understand the meaning of the answers given by the interviewee.

After getting the answers it is necessary for the interviewer to repeat the answer in the form of paraphrase response.

Interview Tools The notebook, pen are the most essential instruments for taking the interview but one can also take the tape recorder to record the actual wordings of the interviewee.

The questionnaire should be with the interview because otherwise there would be the chance of forgetting the most important and critical questions related to the topic.

Online Interview

Other than the face to face interview the student can also go for the online interview like through the email or web cam, the student should take prior permission in order to take the interview online.

Courtesy in language is still desired over here, at the end of the interview online the student must thank the interviewee in email so that could think well about you. After taking the interview, the interviewer should give all the findings to the interviewee so that he/she can check the accuracy and authenticity.

In the academic sessions, the instructors are responsible to make the students perfect in taking the interviews because with the help of interviews the students can get more critical information than from the literature present in the libraries.

In the business studies and social sciences the students need to do many researches and to carry out such researches they need to have the material/data to defend their claims so for this mostly used to ado interview as a data collection method.

There are different methods to collect the data from televisions, libraries, interviews etc, but the choice is of the student.