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PDF Compressors Reviews | Final Thoughts About Compressing Your PDF January 27, 2022

A massive appreciation of digital media has changed the pattern of professional activity and given a new form to the business world. The primary means of performing tasks have been replaced by modern digital utilities which have provided tremendous convenience in achieving their goals. This extraordinary technological revolution has also opened up many ways to perform an activity in various ways without having to go through complicated procedures.

Communication media, data transmission, and information sharing methods have been replaced by digital facilities that offer faster and better results. For example, post and fax were the two main ways to share confidential data, but now, electronic mail has replaced them. People no longer need to rely on conventional methods, as the availability of advanced utilities has proven to be a better resource.

When it comes to sharing data, the first file format that springs to mind is PDF. This file format is considered the best when it comes to managing and sharing important information. However, the most common problem experienced with PDFs is their large size. PDF files often have large text, high-quality images that increase in size. Sharing such large documents on the web is a tough task as most online platforms have set a size limit for uploading files.

Therefore, it becomes important to compress the PDF in many scenarios to avoid complications. But, how can we reduce the size of my PDF file without compromising the quality? This question may ring in your mind right now. Well, you don’t have to worry, because we are going to share the characteristics of some of the most popular PDF compressor utilities. You can choose any of these online PDF reducer tools according to your preference.

Now let’s review the first online PDF compress from our list which can help you to reduce PDF size without further explanation.

PDFelement Pro (Mac & Windows)

If you are one of those people who want perfect compression of confidential PDF documents, then trying out the PDFelement Pro facility could be the right choice for you. This online facility is a premium facility that allows you to reduce the PDF file size without affecting the quality and format. This tool is ideal for researchers, bankers, financial managers, and anyone else who has highly confidential data in their PDF files and can’t take any risks to their privacy.


  • Works well on different Platforms (macOS & Windows)
  • Offers powerful editing.
  • Provide spell check facility.
  • Lets you extract pages from PDF

Ashampoo® PDF Pro 2

This is another powerful tool to compress PDF which provides many other features besides reducing PDF sizes like PDF creation, editing, conversion and merging. Files generated from this facility will be of high quality and have the same format as before compression. This facility also offers the option to rearrange, crop, or rotate PDF pages. Password protection is another utility that you can find in this Pro PDF compressor.


  • Reduced size to 100 kb.
  • Offers fast and reliable compression facility
  • Provide you with an auto repair facility


Individuals using PDF compressor for the first time can use this online utility. The user-friendly interface and easy-to-understand layout make this PDF compressor one of the best online tools for beginners. The concise interface will tell all users how to operate this PDF reducer quickly. This facility also allows you to create, modify and rotate PDFs along with a compression utility.


  • Provides Batch PDF compression
  • Drag & Drop PDF file option
  • Lets you convert PDF to other formats
  • Guarantee PDF file protection


Compress PDF online this tool welcomes its visitors with a thunderous interface, a variety of unique features, and fast results. You won’t feel lost at any time while compressing PDFs with this online PDF reducer utility. This utility allows you to upload multiple PDF files from your personal device, cloud storage, and drag & drop them on the dashboard without facing any hassle.


  • High-quality PDF compression
  • Allows PDF conversion
  • Fast and safe


It is a prestigious web-based platform known for providing free SEO tools, plagiarism checkers and many other facilities that help you manage your site effectively. Active free PDF compressor is also a highly appreciated tool that offers its users the most secure and error-free compression. One does not need to follow a strict process to reduce PDF size using this online tool. The PDF compressor in this facility which offers the beauty of practicality provides an easy-to-see interface that reduces your files without having to observe any hassle.


  • Very friendly interface
  • Fast PDF compression
  • Offers undamaged PDF formatting
  • Support all operating systems
  • Works great on Mac, Android
  • Completely free PDF reducer
  • No need for account registration shrink PDF


The large size of PDF files often poses a challenge for individuals when sharing them via online platforms. Also, saving large PDF files will consume a lot of your device’s memory. Compressing PDF sizes can be a useful technique to get around all this hassle. All the mentioned PDF compressor tools are very reliable and provide you with fast and safe PDF compression. However, we recommend that you try the online PDF reducer facility at DupliChecker.com. It is a completely free tool with all the features offered only in premium PDF compressors. You can use this facility and compress unlimited PDF files without any hesitation.