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How to Compress PDF for Email? February 9, 2022

Sharing a large-sized PDF with others through an email can be tiresome and hectic. Moreover, you may have to face restrictions while uploading a PDF file, as all the prominent email service providing platforms have a specific size limit for file uploading.

Haven’t you gone through such a nuisance ever while attaching a PDF file in your email? I guess all of us have suffered this situation at least once in our lives.

You might have witnessed the situation when you prepared all the documents for sending through email, and then suddenly, a popup appeared on your screen, stating “File is Too Large.” Of course, we all know that Gmail and Yahoo have a limit of 25 MB, while Hotmail allows only 10 MB files to attach within an Email.

Millions of people face this disappointment and look for a suitable way to counter such circumstances. We will elaborate on the easiest and fastest ways to compress a PDF file in this blog for all such people. The tips we will unveil in this post will help you compress PDF 75% without disturbing the layout and formatting of the content. 

How to Compress PDF Up to 100 KB?

 Compressing a PDF file isn’t an arduous task if you know the effective and reliable ways. In addition, there are various ways that you can opt to reduce the size of PDF below 1MB.

Now, we will discuss the three most reliable and easy ways that will help you compress PDF for emails without affecting content’s quality and layout.

Discard Unimportant Objects and Text from PDF

Your PDF might have some unnecessary elements like irrelevant massive size images, additional text, or other components that would have increased the size of the file. You can reduce PDF size below 100 KB by trimming some fat off your PDF files.

In addition, PDF files often have plenty of incremental elements that can be erased from the file to decrease its size. The easiest way to remove these elements from the PDF file is by converting your PDF to Word through an online facility available on the web.

We all know that Word documents are easy to modify, unlike PDF. Once you convert your PDF to Word, you are free to make any amendments in the file, like removing additional text, unwanted images, etc. After editing, save it back to PDF through an online Word to PDF converter.

You can find a free Word to PDF converter on that enables you to convert unlimited PDFs to Word without affecting the formatting or quality of the file. You will see a prominent decrement in the file size after removing all the unessential parts from your file.

Later, you can easily attach this document to your email and share it with your colleagues or friends without worrying about the size limit at all.

Compress PDF with Online Tool

The traditional methods of compressing a PDF file are outdated now. People don’t prefer using any method that requires manual effort. The mentioned ways of reducing the PDF size might look complex and hard to many individuals.

Therefore, the next method we are sharing doesn’t need any effort from the users at all. Have you ever heard of a PDF compressor? It is a utility that reduces the size of a PDF file within a few seconds without affecting the quality or layout of the document file.

The users only have to upload the PDF file on this utility, which will instantly reduce its size. The advanced algorithms working at the backend of the compress PDF online tool shrink your file size without damaging the formatting instantly.

You can compress pdf 100 kb with a PDF reducer tool without putting any effort, as the entire process will be performed by the tool, and you will get the compressed PDF in no time.

The use of an online PDF compressor saves you from practicing various intricate processes. Furthermore, you will get the best quality reduced-size PDF file using this method. You can use a PDF compressor to reduce the size of PDF up to 50% that helps you upload or attach it in your email without any hassle.

The best part of using an online PDF compressor tool is that it’s a completely free tool that doesn’t need any registration or installation. You can find a secure and advanced PDF reducer utility on that enables you to shrink PDFs sizes within a few seconds.

Resave Your Document as Reduced Size PDF

People who find it hard to attach their PDF files in the email must opt for resaving their documents as a reduced-size PDF. By doing so, they can easily reduce the size of PDFs making it simple to share them through email. But, how can we save the documents as reduced-size PDFs? Well, the process of resaving the PDF is easy and straight.

Open the PDF file that you want to resave in the latest version of Adobe Acrobat. Then, choose the File option, and save it as Other. Here, you will see an option Reduced Size PDF; click on it.

You will be asked to pick the version compatibility and then hit the Ok button to save the PDF file. We suggest you choose version compatibility with at least Acrobat X, as this version is appreciated by millions of people all over the globe.

The process of resaving the PDF file in reduced PDF will definitely affect its size, but there is a high possibility that the quality of images or other visual icons in the file will get compromised.

The files you get from this method will have a smaller size that allows you to attach them to your email without facing any restrictions.

 Final Words

Reducing the size of PDF files for sharing purposes isn’t an easy job. You must possess adequate tools in your bucket that can help you in shrinking the size of PDFs without damaging their quality. Sending PDFs through email often becomes challenging as most email services providers have set a size limit for file uploading.

It is strenuous for an individual to attach any file to an email exceeding the given limit. However, the methods we have described above will definitely serve you in overcoming this problem and reducing the size of PDFs without facing any hurdles.

You can opt for any method as per your preference for compressing your PDF files. But, we recommend taking assistance from an online PDF compressor utility to save your time and get the best quality compression results without paying a single penny.