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5 Interesting Facts About Hebrew Language June 10, 2021

Hebrew is the Jewish language used for writing square scripts or block scripts. It is formal religious writing of jews in ancient times. The Jews think that its unique letters are associated with nature.

Facts About the Hebrew Language

Hebrew is a Semitic language that is mostly spoken in Israel. Many people don’t know about this oldest writing style but here you get to know some interesting facts of Hebrew such as:

1. Used in Literature

Hebrew alphabets have a major part in Jewish literature and religion. This is considered to be one of the oldest and sacred languages spoken in most of the countries of the world. 

2. Alignment of Text

The writing style of Hebrew is different than other languages of the world because it is written from right to left. But numbers are written from left to right like other languages

3. Alphabets of Hebrew

The Hebrew has 22 letters that have some numerical values. These letters are usually used to give some sophisticated meanings. These letters have unique pronunciations’ and formats than other languages. It has letters known as consonants that play the main role in reading. 

Normally words are written without the use of punctuations to facilitate the reader to understand the meaning completely. No capital letters are used here. 

4. Source of Spirituality

Premodern Hebrew was a source of inspiration and spirituality for Jewish that mostly used while praying or worshiping. It has been developed and changed over the period due to the influence of other local writing formats.

5. Written Scripts

The two main scripts of Hebrew writing are cursive and square. These scripts were found to be written on paper as well as stones. This language is written in various styles. It includes Torah style, religious style, modern printing style, and cursive style. Written words remain the same as in ancient times but scripts have developed with the use of computers.

Is Hebrew a Dead Language?

Modern Hebrew is the official language of Israel and revives itself in the 20th century. Both modern and traditional fonts and formats are being used by ultra-orthodox. People read modern styles but still, traditional styles have not lost their value. Writers of Hebrew had kept honor and value in Jewish communities. 

Learning of Hebrew Writing

Learning Hebrew is considered an art as well as science. Writing Hebrew is a complex task because it requires a complete understanding of its letters and styles. But you can improve it by following these tips:

  • If you are not a native writer you must practice this language by any native on any online platform.
  • Always understand the purpose to write instead of trying to impress others.
  • Pro tip doesn’t just type but also write down alphabets frequently because handwritten words are easy to remember.
  • The word selection must be done carefully to produce impressive, creative, and precise writings.
  • Time and Practice are required to be a writer in the Hebrew language.