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Shorthand Writing August 17, 2012

Shorthand writing is basically an abbreviated and symbolic type writing which is fastest and increased speedy style of writing. This style of writing is totally changed from all others writing styles because we use little abbreviated and symbolic words which are easy to understand and fast the writing speed. This sort of writing has different names in different languages like in Greek; shorthand writing is also called “stenography” which means narrow or short writing. This style of writing can be use weather you want to compress your words or ant to increase your writing speed.

Mostly this writing style contains little abbreviations to note down as quickly as the speaker words uttered by mouth. Shorthand writing mostly used in past centuries when there was no invention of recording machines or dictation devices. In that time, this shorthand writing was used to keep the record of the words. Now days, shorthand writing is just stick to journalists and secretarial trainings. This writing style also used in many other fields like medical specialist use shorthand writing for the prescription of medicine and to journalists to record the direct dictation or conversation of politicians. Shorthand notes are also famous among students in which important points are marked to do quick preparation.

The primary use of shorthand writing is to write a lot in short form of words so that the reader gets each and every point in a shortest period of time. In this fastest era, no one have enough time to read lengthy and longhand writing pieces so shorthand writing is always preferable. In computerized devices and in cell phones as well, shorthand writing is used which is fast in speed and easy to write. One has even say this that the most beneficial for of writing is shorthand writing which is easy to understand.
This style of writing is also very beneficial for students as well who have to write their notes. Many few students have the ability to write as fast as their teachers delivers the lecture. So the wise student is that who take the advantage of this writing style and use shorthand writing to make his notes and believe me; he will be able to write each and every point of his teacher. Shorthand writing is one of the styles which is useful in the past and in the present era as well because everyone have to write.
If you want to improve your shorthand writing then learn to add short cuts in your writings. Take those words under notice which came again and again and make abbreviations of those words which will help you while your thorough writing. If someone learns this style of writing, he will not only make his words understandable but also write fast. Some of the words have universal symbols and abbreviations which can be used in shorthand writings because others can easily understand those words. Your practice will make you more clear and more speedy in shorthand writing but this will take time.