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Google Plagiarism Checker August 17, 2012

Do you know when you write a sentence or a phrase, it is your personal property and no one can claim it as theirs? The literary work which is published has some rights which are especially for the author or creator of that work. These rights mean that the work is done by the specific person and so no one can claim it is his. Basically, the literary work is the intellectual property of the respective author which must be protected.

There are copyright laws which have been created to ensure that nobody’s intellectual property is damaged. The intellectual property of someone is the literary work which can be the story, a research paper, poem, news report, blog post or anything in writing. Like the material property, it also needs to be safeguarded. As there are thieves for stealing cars, jewelry and other accessories, there are thieves which are after your intellectual property as well. Therefore, it is important that these thieves are brought to justice by punishing them for stealing somebody’s work.

How someone’s intellectual property is harmed? It is done by stealing away the work of an author and publishing it somewhere like it were his own. It is a criminal offense and the offender gets legal notice if caught doing so. A serious action is taken because it is the property of the original author and no one can misuse or tamper with it without the permission of the author. So it is good that we have copyright laws which secure our work from getting stolen away. Thanks to plagiarism software, we get to know about the offender and the work which has been misused. Sometimes we take writing services for getting the content of our website written or take help for some academic project. You do not know that the content which you will receive from the writing company will be free of plagiarism or not. Your only chance is to google plagiarism checker to find some good software to check the text. It is essential that you get to check the work before submitting or publishing lest you would be accused of this criminal offense called plagiarism. So adopting a careful attitude in this sphere is essential as you do not want to be branded as an intellectual thief!

You can google plagiarism checker to know about authentic software which can scan your text instantly. You will no more need to take a risk and submit the work before checking it for plagiarism. It would be unwise of you to do that as you would risk your reputation and career in doing so. So google plagiarism checker and have your text investigated for hint of plagiarism in it. You must practice it before accepting the work from some writing company because there is unprofessional lot sitting there too. Although it is rare that you get plagiarized work from a writing company yet you must check the text always. It is for your own benefit and for the sake of your reputation you must do it!