Accidental Vs Deliberate Plagiarism & How to Avoid them?

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Accidental Vs Deliberate Plagiarism & How to Avoid them? July 8, 2021

Alot of content available over the internet will increase the ratio of plagiarism cases and make it difficult to detect. But still everyone wants unique content for his business site promotion. If you are working for somebody, content will be the source of money making for you.

Does Duplicate Content Effect your Reputation?

Yes, it is when a writer submit content to his boss and it shows plagiarism, it would be too much embarrassing and negatively impact on your career. This sentence will embarrass you like “Don’t copy someone else’s article and otherwise we will fire ” To avoid this embarrassing situation, you should check content before submitting it so, that it improves the quality of work. Furthermore, it not only just makes you embarrassed but also creates misunderstandings by showing you in a bad light as a writer.

Difference Between Accidental Vs Deliberate Plagiarism

There are many types of dublication but the two basic kinds that mostly confuse writers. To understand the difference we discuss them below:

Accidental Plagiarism

It is not always that case that you are intended for copying the sentences from the source but it turns out to be exactly the same as someone else has written. You may use other words but don’t use proper citation or refrences. This is called accidental plagiarism or unintented plagiarism in which you are not aware the rules of citation and it’s usage. But if you don’t resolve these mistakes it counts in plagiarism

Deliberate Plagiarism

This is the most unethical type of plagiarism in which someone intentionally copy content and used it as your own without any reference. A person has to face major penalties if he do this type of duplication. Delibrate plagiarism is ruin your writing career.

Quickly Fix Your Content

To avoid this entire situation, everyone should check content before passing it to the person for whom you are writing.  There are lots of online tool that are ready to provide best facilitaties to make your contents unique and outclass. At this time just find a perfect tool in order to make content absolutely free of duplication. But before selecting any tool focus on these basic qualities:

  • Easy to Use
  • Support Each Device
  • Shows the Source of Copied text
  • Add file from Cloud Storage
  • 100% for Free
  • Accessible from each OS
  • Provide Quick Results

Once you will have checked duplication, you will be surely able to improve the quality of your content. Little search over internet for such kind of sources will show you list of countless sources to take advantage from but most widely used and popular source is that is serving its users best. You will draw immediate results once you will put your content into the tool to show the results. It will best guide you from where you have copied and how much. Once you will have clear results, you will better improve quality of your content and better satisfy your boss.