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Plagiarism a Serious Issue August 20, 2020

Plagiarism is one of the serious threats for students because today the internet has become an essential part of our everyday life. Students now consider plagiarism an easy way. Plagiarism occurs when a student copies something on the internet and then instead of rewording or making an attempt to make work of his own.

Internet and Plagiarism

Due to increased usage of the internet, plagiarism has become a big difficulty for those who are trying to maintain the standard and quality of the education system. The most effective way of preventing plagiarism is to make sure that other person should know that you are aware that you can check it. Warn them that you know about plagiarism and tell them that you will be checking everything. Remind them that now there are several plagiarism checking tools that allow anyone to check the entire paper free of cost. That’s enough to deter most of the students who would have considered plagiarizing.

How to spot plagiarism?

Here are some indicators of possible plagiarism which can help to indicate that material is plagiarized.

• A paper exceeds the writing and research capabilities of the person who submitted it. It sounds more professional and journalistic.
• A paper contains complex words, special terms, or some other words that cannot be expected from ordinary school level students.
• Inconsistent writing in subject! The quality of different paragraphs or topics doesn’t match.
• Inconsistency in font, styles, format, or layout.
• The topic of the paper isn’t consistent with the assignment, class lectures, or class handouts.
• The bibliography is odd in some way.
• Educate students about plagiarism by explaining what it is and how to avoid it by conducting a plagiarism test.

Using online information is good but using it without mentioning the source and representing it as your own work is wrong and illegal. 

Impact of online plagiarism tools

Online technology is also available to detect plagiarized work easily. Nowadays, the internet has grown popularity so there are many tools that allow detecting plagiarism. These tools have an effective resource used to catch plagiarizers. There are a number of websites which are offering free plagiarism checking service. Anyone can easily use it and upload their work for checking. These websites compare your work with other available material on the internet. Usually, these websites offer their services free of cost but some are subscription-based for more professional checking.

Helpful for Teachers

These tools are very helpful for teachers; they can submit their papers and documents for plagiarism detection. These tools can easily detect the plagiarized paper.
Plagiarism has become a serious problem since the increased usage of the internet. Technology has made it imperative for teachers to combat plagiarism. Knowing accurately what plagiarism is and the approaches to stop it can help educators in detouring plagiarism.